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Sex mit einer Lokomotive


Update: Das Video ist wohl verbannt worden. Der Ausschnitt entstammt allerdings der 32. Folge von, und die ist nach wie vor online. Der Ausschnitt startet ab 5:31 min.

The phone sex queen

Do you know Chris Crocker? I think many of you do, because his YouTube video was seen by millions of people. To all of you who haven’t, the video on his breakdown due to Britney Spears‘ trouble is one of the must see videos recently. It provoked many imitations whereof I think the one made by Seth Green ist the funniest.

So when I saw someone new on twitter last week called Chrishasboobs that claimed to be Chris Crocker, I thought the chances that this is a fake, not a bad one, but a fake, were quite high. But as Chris Crocker links this account from myspace, this is obviously no fake.

The thing about Chris Crocker is it would be wrong to take one of his tweets and to point out that this single tweet is tmi, the whole guy is tmi. And the tweets and videos are his media just to let that out. He would say that himself of course. He’d say that’s only the way to express his feelings. But to use Youtube and twitter for that purpose is a challange to all watchers and readers.

So are you ready? Are you willing to try?


So he’s one of the guys that start phone sex at the age of fifteen. I don’t know how far you’d like to go in picturing the last call he did. But if you follow him you’ll get deeper information about that. Just think for a second how difficult it is right know to switch to the thought about how these children get so far.

Who he was talking to on the phone? I absolutely don’t know.

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