The hopper

This blog startet with infor­ma­tion on twit­ter that just pro­duced pic­tures in my head I didn’t need. And then there were peo­ple twit­ter­ing on actions they obvi­ous­ly real­ly did. There were peo­ple as well that wrote strange things on pur­pose to gain atten­tion. But well, who doesn’t?

Today we’re com­ing back to those irri­tat­ing pic­tures. Devin is about to go to bed but he has just got­ten a pic­ture that he wants to share with his fol­low­ers:


I don’t know if this is a tweet that’s just meant to pro­voke. I guess it some­how does. Where in god’s name do you see tram­po­lines just before going to sleep? And in what way is a tram­po­line inter­est­ing to have sex on?

Maybe you can find out!



Als jemand der Twit­ter eher sel­ten ver­wen­det, wun­dert es mich schon, dass es diesen Dienst in dieser Form noch gibt. Denn ein Geschäftsmod­ell fehlt weit­er­hin, Inno­va­tio­nen für Nutzer bleiben im Gegen­satz zu Face­book aus, man lebt vom Vorschuss erwartung­sop­ti­mistis­ch­er Inve­storen.

Mich erin­nert das an mobil­com, andere sehen das, wenn das Sys­tem mal stockt, gle­ich poli­tis­ch­er:


Das passt auch irgend­wie. Die Konzepte funk­tion­ieren nicht, die Kun­den akzep­tieren die Unternehmen­spoli­tik nicht, ein renta­bles Wirtschaftsmod­ell bleibt Wun­schmod­ell ohne Wirk­lichkeit­sansatz, die zunächst inter­es­sante Aus­gangsidee, die Men­schen inspiri­ert hat, sie verküm­mert in den Hän­den von Ste­henge­bliebe­nen.

Ob die eigene Fol­low­er-Blase, die FDP oder ein über­schätztes Wirtschaftsmod­ell — eine weit­er­en­twick­elte, anschließende Idee fehlt allen.


The ass factor

When­ev­er I read porn actress­es on twit­ter I doubt a lit­tle if what they’re talk­ing is for real or just for busi­ness. Maybe you get twit­ter users to buy your films if they’re being turned on via social net­works. It’s got­ta be use­ful for some­thing, you know?
Any­way. Pent­house Pet Bree Olson is one of them. Sound­ing a bit like a nice of the Olsen Gang she has slight­ly dif­fer­ent prob­lems:

And I always thought that would be a sta­tus peo­ple whould just like to have.


The pull out

There are at least three dimen­sions of the human being: First there are the things you per­ceive inde­pen­tent­ly from think­ing about them. Then you make up your mind and see that it’s pos­si­ble to think about the world dif­fer­ent­ly: How it should be and you make plans to turn things that way.
So now you’re in a sta­tus that there are things in this world that you want to be dif­fer­ent or at least you want them to fit in your world. Between this dimen­sion and the fol­low­ing there’s a real­ly opti­mistic time con­cern­ing your own pos­si­bil­i­ties.
But then there’s anoth­er dimen­sion you come across when you turn about 30: Things that belong to you that you’re not going to change intrin­sicly:
And it just can’t be anoth­er form of beau­ty.


The toilet hitter

The enor­mous amount of fear is a strange thing about man. As a way of warn­ing, it’s sure­ly okay. Some­times you just don’t know your life’s in dan­ger, so that it’s good that there’s some sec­ond kind of alarm sys­tem. But on the oth­er hand fear can be so shock­ing to a per­son, that it is way more than a warn­ing.

There are days that you can be feared of some­thing more eas­i­ly than usu­al and even of things you nor­mal­ly wouldn’t be feared of at all:


Thanks God, you were sit­ting on the toi­let — just in case.


The new hobby

There are mul­ti­ple rea­sons for hav­ing a hob­by, although nowa­days it’s often not called that way. You can have a hob­by to improve your skills in an activ­i­ty that’s not too impor­tant just to show you still can do it, what­ev­er it may be. You can enjoy social inter­course or you can come to new thoughts in doing sports or tak­ing pho­tos, which all in all can be very relax­ing.

So I guess it’s good to every­one to have one or two hob­bies. For some peo­ple a hob­by is even that one spe­cif­ic thing that they need to have in order to dif­fer from oth­er per­son­al­i­ties. The very iden­ti­fy­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics of this kind of hob­by is: You can’t keep it for your­self. Oth­er­wise oth­er peo­ple couldn’t make out the dif­fer­ence:


So, good morn­ing to Lexi. Hope you had a good start into the day ;-).


The metaphorical taste

I’d real­ly like to know: When did peo­ple start mak­ing poet­i­cal con­ver­sa­tion on wine? When did it occur that just drink­ing it and say­ing Aaaaah wasn’t just enough? Is there real­ly a con­nec­tion between this metaphor­i­cal talk and a taste or is this just some kind of com­plex mar­ket­ing?

If you work in the wine busi­ness you cen­tain­ly have to talk in this spe­cif­ic man­ner. Peo­ple that buy expen­sive wine do want this kund of chat before buy­ing wine. As if to say: When you’re not even capa­ble of talk­ing of this whine in a metaphor­i­cal way — why buy­ing it and not drink cola instead?

So there’s a mix­ing move­ment between the world of aestet­ics and the world of mar­ket­ing when it comes to sell­ing wine. And tak­ing this man­ner of speak­ing over to oth­er top­ics the sym­bol­ism of this man­ner speak­ing dom­i­nates the actu­al thought:



The snuggler

When­ev­er guys have had a real intense rela­tion­ship to a girl and they talk about it, they will tell you what changed in their behav­iour: How they learned to work as a team, how they arranged their var­i­ous inter­ests, how to set up plans for both of them, how to keep an eye on the wel­fare of the oth­er one.
Still, quite a few girls dom­i­nate a rela­tion­ship because they set up their own pri­vate lan­guage guys have to fol­low: There are spe­cial looks, quite hid­den to oth­ers, men must real­ize. Spe­cial words as broad hints you have to iden­ti­fy on the run. This is not meant to be mean in any sense, you just turn out to be a spe­cial­ist in that pri­vate lan­guage.
Here is one of them. The great morn­ing dif­fer­ence between snug­gling and rub­bing:



Es tut sich was in Biele­feld. Soviel habe selb­st ich mit­tler­weile mit­bekom­men. Es sind wohl nicht mehr die Großstädte, die Kul­tur nach­haltig prä­gen und befördern, son­dern die kleinen Eck­en, in denen still und heim­lich etwas emporkeimt. Vielle­icht sind die Großstädte ein­fach zu voll, zu über­laden an Kul­turschaf­fend­en, die sich nur noch gegen­seit­ig auf die Füße treten und sich nur selb­st ins Gehege kom­men.

Jet­zt bevölk­ert ein weit­er­er beschei­den Großer die Welt von Twit­ter: Sacha Brohm hat sich erbarmt, seinen Jüngern in den Mikroblogkos­mos zu fol­gen.

Ger­ade so als wolle er die Über­be­w­erteth­eit von Tweeds aufs Korn nehmen, ver­wen­det er, qua­si als Abschluss des inter­na­tionalen Frauen­t­ages, nur einen hal­ben Tweet für fol­gende Geistre­ich­heit:

Ich habe gelacht, ich gebe es zu — und ja, der­ar­tige Namen zäh­le ich auch zu Poe­sie.


The spring fever

There should be some kind of spring out­side right about now. But cli­mate change ruins our feel­ings of sea­sons as well. In some places the snow just came back over the week­end, although peo­ple were real­ly pre­pared for the win­ter com­ing to an end.

Spring fever was indeed on of those feel­ings that had to do with the weath­er. But in some way you we’re also accus­tomed that it came out to a spe­cif­ic time of year.

Do we have to chance our sen­su­al acclima­ti­za­tion due to cli­mate change? At least for some this is a dif­fi­cult time: