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Dave Winer is searching for interesting blogs

Dave Winer is searching for interesting blogs to do a collection. I don’t know how that collection is going to look like, but if you’re interested to be collechted by him, just send him an e-mail.

How Homer became a Democrat

John Oliver: Brexit update

If you wannabe Prime Minister

Using as a feed reader

I like it when I do understand something. Well who doesn’t? But actually I tend to think that things that I don’t understand on the internet keep on getting more and more.

When Dave Winer wrote that could be usead as a feed reader I got the idea in an instant, although I had an account for month without using it.

I can’t see that it could be as important as the Google Reader and I don’t see me using more intensively. But who knows what will be in 2016? So meet me there.

Hot wet rice out of the little german dip machine

Fuck Christmas!

Dale Hansen and Michael Sam – Part of Mine

Isn’t it ironic?

Back to the Future 4

And don’t miss: Jaws 19 as announced in Back to the Future II.

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