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R.i.p. Alan Thicke (1947–2016)

Steve Kardynal — Let it go (Chatroulette Version)

Leningrad — Siski

Jonathan Pie on Trump

Michelle Obama on Trump

Donald Trump is a Dinosaur!

Dave Winer is searching for interesting blogs

Dave Win­er is search­ing for inter­est­ing blogs to do a col­lec­tion. I don’t know how that col­lec­tion is going to look like, but if you’re inter­est­ed to be col­lecht­ed by him, just send him an e-mail.

How Homer became a Democrat

John Oliver: Brexit update

April 2017
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  • Liv Hambrett Easter & the Common German
  • oh god my wife is german Leinenzwang: The German Dog Leash Law I Wanna Kick in the Dick
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