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Jeffrey Sachs on Trump’s Economics

John Oliver: Putin

Seth Meyers on Trumps first solo press conference

Stephen Colbert on Trump

  • Bannon v Kushner power struggle makes Fridays interesting at W.H. – „A well-placed D.C. source says it’s no coincidence that President Trump’s anti-Muslim “travel ban” broke last Friday after senior presidential adviser Jared Kushner, an observant Jew, had checked out for the day. The situation is described by our spy as “a power struggle between two senior advisers” Kushner and former Breitbart chief, Steve Bannon.

    “Everyone is working 24/7, but Jared, because of his religious views, not only can’t be in the White House, but can’t be on his phone, can’t drive his car, can’t listen to the radio — he can’t be reached,” says our whistleblower. Observant Jews are prohibited from working between sunset Friday and sunset Saturday.“

  • For Germany, Trump Poses a Problem With No Clear Solution – “We still don’t really have a clue who we are in the world and who we want to be,” said Jana Puglierin of the German Council on Foreign Relations. That makes it difficult to face increasingly urgent questions, she said, over “what role we should play, who Germany is, how dominant do we want to be.”

Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer in his second Press Conference

John Oliver: Trump vs. Truth

Melissa McCarthy as White House Press secretary Sean Spicer

Belgium second

Introducing the Netherlands to Trump

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