The metaphorical taste

I’d real­ly like to know: When did peop­le start making poe­ti­cal con­ver­sa­ti­on on wine? When did it occur that just drin­king it and say­ing Aaaaah wasn’t just enough? Is the­re real­ly a con­nec­tion bet­ween this meta­pho­ri­cal talk and a tas­te or is this just some kind of com­plex mar­ke­ting?

If you work in the wine busi­ness you cen­tain­ly have to talk in this spe­ci­fic man­ner. Peop­le that buy expen­si­ve wine do want this kund of chat befo­re buy­ing wine. As if to say: When you’re not even capa­ble of tal­king of this whine in a meta­pho­ri­cal way — why buy­ing it and not drink cola ins­te­ad?

So there’s a mixing move­ment bet­ween the world of aes­tetics and the world of mar­ke­ting when it comes to sel­ling wine. And taking this man­ner of speaking over to other topics the sym­bo­lism of this man­ner speaking domi­na­tes the actu­al thought:



The snuggler

Whene­ver guys have had a real inten­se rela­ti­ons­hip to a girl and they talk about it, they will tell you what chan­ged in their beha­viour: How they lear­ned to work as a team, how they arran­ged their various inte­rests, how to set up plans for both of them, how to keep an eye on the wel­fa­re of the other one.

Still, qui­te a few girls domi­na­te a rela­ti­ons­hip becau­se they set up their own pri­va­te lan­guage guys have to fol­low: The­re are spe­cial looks, qui­te hid­den to others, men must rea­li­ze. Spe­cial wor­ds as broad hints you have to iden­ti­fy on the run. This is not meant to be mean in any sen­se, you just turn out to be a spe­cia­list in that pri­va­te lan­guage.

Here is one of them. The gre­at morning dif­fe­rence bet­ween snuggling and rub­bing:





Es tut sich was in Bie­le­feld. Soviel habe selbst ich mitt­ler­wei­le mit­be­kom­men. Es sind wohl nicht mehr die Groß­städ­te, die Kul­tur nach­hal­tig prä­gen und beför­dern, son­dern die klei­nen Ecken, in denen still und heim­lich etwas empor­keimt. Viel­leicht sind die Groß­städ­te ein­fach zu voll, zu über­la­den an Kul­tur­schaf­fen­den, die sich nur noch gegen­sei­tig auf die Füße tre­ten und sich nur selbst ins Gehe­ge kom­men.

Jetzt bevöl­kert ein wei­te­rer beschei­den Gro­ßer die Welt von Twit­ter: Sacha Brohm hat sich erbarmt, sei­nen Jün­gern in den Mikro­blog­kos­mos zu fol­gen.

Gera­de so als wol­le er die Über­be­wer­tet­heit von Tweeds aufs Korn neh­men, ver­wen­det er, qua­si als Abschluss des inter­na­tio­na­len Frau­en­ta­ges, nur einen hal­ben Tweet für fol­gen­de Geist­reich­heit:

Ich habe gelacht, ich gebe es zu — und ja, der­ar­ti­ge Namen zäh­le ich auch zu Poe­sie.


The spring fever

The­re should be some kind of spring out­side right about now. But cli­ma­te chan­ge ruins our fee­lings of sea­sons as well. In some pla­ces the snow just came back over the wee­kend, alt­hough peop­le were real­ly pre­pa­red for the win­ter com­ing to an end.

Spring fever was inde­ed on of tho­se fee­lings that had to do with the wea­ther. But in some way you we’re also accusto­med that it came out to a spe­ci­fic time of year.

Do we have to chan­ce our sen­su­al accli­ma­tiza­ti­on due to cli­ma­te chan­ge? At least for some this is a dif­fi­cult time:


The Olympic spirit

So, the Olym­pic Games 2010 endet yes­ter­day.

It’s still a remar­kab­le event, don’t you think? You can watch all tho­se per­fect trai­ned ath­le­tes fighting in all tho­se stran­ge disci­pli­nes for the one gol­den medal. You can try to ima­gi­ne what tac­tics are used, what ten­si­on the ath­le­tes feel. You can be engros­sed in the games you watch. You can think of how you would try to mana­ge tho­se ath­letic task’s.

And some­ti­mes you take this Olym­pic spi­rit right into your own life…


The unforseen app

The ipho­ne has chan­ged the world. The users of the iPho­ne think that’s posi­ti­ve, the not-users don’t care, think it’s an over­si­zed toy or wish to have one. The iPho­ne makes you con­cen­tra­te on that elec­tro­nik thing all day, other­wi­se it wouldn’t be use­ful.

You can buy with it, sleep with it, read with it, tra­vel with it, you can bind your neck­tie, track your weight with it and lot’s more.

The world gets rich­ter with the iPho­ne. You can see dai­ly what unfor­se­en things the iPho­ne makes hap­pen — it’s unbe­liev­a­ble:

Things would be dif­fe­rent without the per­ma­nent use of iPho­nes, don’t you think?


The Valenine’s celebration

The­re was Valentine’s Day yes­ter­day — the day of har­mo­ny and love for cou­ples and the day of having a pain in the ass for all sin­gles, due to not having any­thing to cele­bra­te in an equal man­ner.

If you’re rea­ding care­ful­ly on twit­ter you can see bet­ween the lines that this event is espe­ci­al­ly cele­bra­ted…

… and you’re also secret­ly infor­med when & how:

Good for you, I guess.


The panty show

So the­re was Super Bowl 44 ton­ight, which is a high­light for some and one of the most boring events to others. To be honest I don’t get every thing with Super Bowl. I have no clue what spe­cial things are com­mon habits con­nec­ted to this event and what not

But even peop­le that are more fami­li­ar with Super Bowl had their pro­blems with tonight’s show of men in pan­ties. Not only on the field, also wit­hin the com­mer­ci­als this was the tren­ding topic:

So it’s not too asto­nis­hing that the­se pic­tures of all tho­se pan­tied guys kne­e­ling in dog­gy style makes up thoughts like this:


The upcoming

We’re alre­ady firm with tweets from the toi­let. But so far tho­se tweets only dealt with peop­le using the toi­let the one way.

Let’s face peop­le using it the other way.

How nice to see John Savaa­ge is still inte­rested in aes­thetics while having a look into the toi­let he’s just using and wants it to be more appe­aling.

Or is the­re ano­t­her error in tas­te?



Auch Twit­te­rer wan­deln sich. Im ver­gan­ge­nen Jahr war es ab und an noch spür­bar der Fall, dass eini­ge Twit­te­rer durch die Ver­kün­di­gung, gera­de auf dem stil­len Ört­chen zu sein, laut­hals koket­tie­ren woll­ten. Aus­ge­schmückt wur­de die­ser unkon­for­mis­ti­sche, inti­me Akt durch WC-Lesungen, durch Äuße­run­gen über die so geschaf­fe­ne Erleich­te­rung oder durch neue Duft­no­ten in der unmit­tel­ba­ren Umge­bung.

Doch die­se Äuße­run­gen sind rar gewor­den. Einst war für Män­ner eine sol­che Tat eine Ver­nei­gung vor Al Bun­dy, die man nun end­lich auch selbst einer Öffent­lich­keit gegen­über kund­tun konn­te. Es war eben mehr als nur die Beant­wor­tung der Fra­ge, was man der­zeit tut. Aber das Rebel­li­sche die­ser Äuße­rung im all­täg­li­chen Schwall der Tweets einer Time­li­ne ist ver­flo­gen, es ist unauf­re­gend.

Höchs­te Zeit, dass die Lücke, die hier inzwi­schen ent­stan­den ist, in femi­ni­ner Hin­sicht geschlos­sen wird: