The Valenine’s celebration

The­re was Valentine’s Day yes­ter­day — the day of har­mo­ny and love for cou­ples and the day of having a pain in the ass for all sin­gles, due to not having any­thing to cele­bra­te in an equal man­ner.

If you’re rea­ding care­ful­ly on twit­ter you can see bet­ween the lines that this event is espe­ci­al­ly cele­bra­ted…

… and you’re also secret­ly infor­med when & how:

Good for you, I guess.


The panty show

So the­re was Super Bowl 44 ton­ight, which is a high­light for some and one of the most boring events to others. To be honest I don’t get every thing with Super Bowl. I have no clue what spe­cial things are com­mon habits con­nec­ted to this event and what not

But even peop­le that are more fami­li­ar with Super Bowl had their pro­blems with tonight’s show of men in pan­ties. Not only on the field, also wit­hin the com­mer­ci­als this was the tren­ding topic:

So it’s not too asto­nis­hing that the­se pic­tures of all tho­se pan­tied guys kne­e­ling in dog­gy style makes up thoughts like this:


The upcoming

We’re alre­ady firm with tweets from the toi­let. But so far tho­se tweets only dealt with peop­le using the toi­let the one way.

Let’s face peop­le using it the other way.

How nice to see John Savaa­ge is still inte­rested in aes­thetics while having a look into the toi­let he’s just using and wants it to be more appe­aling.

Or is the­re ano­t­her error in tas­te?



Auch Twit­te­rer wan­deln sich. Im ver­gan­ge­nen Jahr war es ab und an noch spür­bar der Fall, dass eini­ge Twit­te­rer durch die Ver­kün­di­gung, gera­de auf dem stil­len Ört­chen zu sein, laut­hals koket­tie­ren woll­ten. Aus­ge­schmückt wur­de die­ser unkon­for­mis­ti­sche, inti­me Akt durch WC-Lesungen, durch Äuße­run­gen über die so geschaf­fe­ne Erleich­te­rung oder durch neue Duft­no­ten in der unmit­tel­ba­ren Umge­bung.

Doch die­se Äuße­run­gen sind rar gewor­den. Einst war für Män­ner eine sol­che Tat eine Ver­nei­gung vor Al Bun­dy, die man nun end­lich auch selbst einer Öffent­lich­keit gegen­über kund­tun konn­te. Es war eben mehr als nur die Beant­wor­tung der Fra­ge, was man der­zeit tut. Aber das Rebel­li­sche die­ser Äuße­rung im all­täg­li­chen Schwall der Tweets einer Time­li­ne ist ver­flo­gen, es ist unauf­re­gend.

Höchs­te Zeit, dass die Lücke, die hier inzwi­schen ent­stan­den ist, in femi­ni­ner Hin­sicht geschlos­sen wird:


The right position

Did you ever ask yours­elf the ques­ti­on: What were peop­le doing befo­re they had beds?

Were they just lying on the ground, and on Sundays lon­ger than during the week so that mom came around shou­ting you off the ground?

What was the sym­bol of rust and reinstal­ling your powers?

But nowa­days the bedroom ist a omni­po­tent part of most people’s life. They’ve got good ide­as what a bedroom is for, when and how it should be used. And some peop­le even got their posis­ti­ons in bed sor­ted in a well con­s­i­de­red man­ner:


The Guido Lifestyle

Der Gui­do Life­style scheint sich wohl gera­de in Ame­ri­ka zu eta­blie­ren. So erklärt eine Dar­stel­le­rin der dazu­ge­hö­ri­gen MTV-Serie

When I star­ted going to Jer­sey, I met girls that were gui­det­tes. I star­ted the poof. I defi­ni­te­ly chan­ged. I got a lot of talk around town, why are you dres­sing like this? Why are you blas­ting hou­se music from your car? A lot of peop­le make fun of you han­ging out with gui­dos who might even look pret­tier than you do.

Lis­ten and repeat. Die­se Dame ist eine weib­li­che Form eines Gui­dos: eine Gui­det­te.

Die pas­sen­de Par­odie dar­auf gibt es auch schon. (Was wohl heis­sen muss, dass das da oben kei­ne ist.)

EMBED-On The Jer­sey Shore Par­o­dy Song — Watch more free vide­os

Der Gui­do geht um. Sagt nicht, ich hät­te euch nicht gewarnt. Und wenn dann erst der Wes­ter­wel­len Gui­do sei­nen ers­ten Staats­be­such in den Staa­ten macht, das gibt ne fet­te Paaaaaaar­ty­y­y­y­y­y­y­y­y­y­y­yy.


The best view

So this was Dai­sy, and what have we done? Well in Ger­ma­ny many igno­red the warnings what cau­sed germany’s most known wea­ther man to cri­ti­ci­ze the DWD, a ger­man wea­ther ser­vice. Its warnings were accord­ing to him way too impre­cise to the peop­le so that peop­le could be get­ting used to igno­re tho­se warnings in the future.

In Eng­land peop­le bought food in an all-you-can-eat man­ner and stay­ed at home, not going to work. And this alt­hought the­re was even less snow fal­ling down than in Ger­ma­ny. For ger­mans in Eng­land it was even stran­ge that the English didn’t try to get the snow off the stre­ets.

So you’re a litt­le bit left in the dark when it comes to the ques­ti­on how to react on tho­se wea­ther warnings. To be too frigh­te­ned seems to be as less a good reac­tion as to igno­re tho­se warnings com­ple­te­ly.

So what about focus­sing on dif­fe­rent methods to find out what kind of wea­ther the­re is to expect. For that I’m in favor of Bran­di Forte’s offer.


The New Year’s start

2009’s gone and 2010 is alre­ady the­re. And just ima­gi­ne: At the end of next week we’re alre­ady in the midd­le of janu­ary. Time runs quick­ly.

So if you’re still han­ging on to that nice win­ter and christ­mas time in decem­ber, if that par­ty on New Year’s Eve has left some nice impres­si­ons in your mind, don’t for­get to start the new year.

The­re are new tasks to come and old ones to be finis­hed. There’s a spring com­ing, whe­re there’s defe­ni­te­ly going to be love in the air. There’s a sum­mer com­ing on and may­be you should bet­ter plan to do some sports for that.

Anyhow it’s a nice thing to get your body in shape for 2010…

… isn’t it?


The husbandal service

I didn’t get tired in tel­ling ever­y­bo­dy this year that Zack and Miri make a por­no is 2009’s best movie and has to be seen. So I end this year’s Too-much-information-tweets-of-the-week with a tweet from its direc­tor Kevin Smith.

He does not only care for the audi­ence to get inte­res­ting tweets and good movies, he even shows up at home from time to time to be a good hus­band:

Well, thank you very much in tel­ling us what per­for­ming one’s mar­i­tal duties actual­ly means.


The premature christmas gift

At least in my area the­re has been snow fal­len just in time for christ­mas. And ain’t that one of tho­se things, that makes you hap­py in the­se days?

As christ­mas comes near the­re are many plans that should be ful­fil­led: Get­ting all the pres­ents, visi­ting all tho­se that want to be visi­ted and try­ing to enjoy this spe­cial time of the year.

And in dif­fe­rent parts of the world peop­le alre­ady got their first pres­ents:

So have a mer­ry christ­mas ever­yo­ne with at least some time to rest and enjoy yours­elf!