The new answer

May­be tmi’s are out. Who knows when a shark exact­ly has jum­ped? Cal­ling some­thing ‘tmi’ used to put some iro­ny into con­ver­sa­ti­on. But what would you say when iro­ny doesn’t help anymore?

The bed security

Hun­ger for sex is still a syn­onym for wes­tern wel­fa­re put into wor­ds or iro­ny, whe­re­as subt­le iro­ny seems to be a for­eign language:

The baby car

And then the­re was this moment she got inte­rested in cars:

The temporal climax

Sci­en­ti­fic rese­arch is an inte­res­ting thing to do. You’re rea­li­zing how asto­nis­hing the world is we live in. And you can tell others what you just found out. They will appre­cia­te your enga­ge­ment. Most of the time. Not always. One day I’d like to know who’s enga­ged to find out facts like this one:

Obama’s winnig tweet

Short­ly after rea­li­zing, Oba­ma will be pre­si­dent for four more years this tweet appeared on his offi­ci­al twit­ter account:

The twee­ter was not Oba­ma him­s­elf and the pic­tu­re has not­hing to do with the elec­tion. Never­theless this tweet has been ret­wee­tet half a mil­li­on times by now. It’s not about the con­tent, stu­pid. [via]


Schon lan­ge kei­nem Dent mehr gehul­digt. Ein Dent ist ja für das, was für Twit­ter der Tweet ist. Und einen sol­chen habe ich das letz­te Mal ganz zu Anfangs­zei­ten bespro­chen. Heu­te hul­di­ge ich mal einem Dent, den ich in der Schub­la­de hat­te für Leu­te, die auch mal was Lus­ti­ges bespre­chen woll­ten. Ich habe ihn auch ger­ne vor­ge­zeigt, um Leu­ten die Mög­lich­keit der Lus­tig­keit in 140 Zei­chen zu zei­gen. Daher ohne wei­te­re Worte:

<img src=“”>

How wonderful you are

TMI’s about infor­ma­ti­on, you didn’t want to hear but had to hear somehow. But it’s useless infor­ma­ti­on. Somehow it makes your mind think about. This weeks tweet of the week isn’t that sort oft tmi, but I want to have it here. It’s a tweet from Zach Braff to a teen­ager tur­nig 16 today with all her juve­ni­le doubts.

And that’s somehow new in twit­ter as far as I know. A twit­ter user with more than a mil­li­on fol­lo­wers sen­ding a bith­day wish to an unknown twit­ter user with 153 fol­lo­wer. What a bir­th­day present.

The needless adjustment

Some­ti­mes you’re lis­ten­ting to con­ver­sa­ti­ons of others by acci­dent. That can be fun­ny or stran­ge. One good thing about it is that you’re usual­ly not part of it. But tho­se lis­ten­ings can still be qui­te irri­ta­ting. Which brings us to this week’s totw whe­rin I real­ly don’t know: To whom is this a use­ful information?

The secret

It’s not the case that you could’nt pro­vo­ke reve­aling tmi’s on twit­ter. Even nowa­days when twit­ter has beco­me qui­te com­mon and less inte­res­ting, there’s still room for clas­sic tmi stuff. Just ask if anyone’s ready to tell a secret:


Manch­mal hört man ja jeman­den sagen, es gäbe heu­te nichts, was es nicht gäbe. Das soll wohl nur hei­ßen, dass es sehr vie­le Din­ge gibt, von denen man gar nicht erwar­tet hät­te, dass es sie gibt.

Und manch­mal gibt es eben auch Situa­tio­nen, in denen man auf Din­ge, von denen man nicht erwar­tet hät­te, dass es sie gibt, hin­ge­wie­sen wird, wobei man in die­ser Situa­ti­on gar nicht dar­auf erpicht war, auf sowas hin­ge­wie­sen zu werden:

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