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Das Jahr fängt ja gut an. da wird der Neujahrstatort damit beworben, dass Hauptakteurin Jeanette Hain die Klamotten fallen lässt und einige schauen da aber mal ganz genau hin:

The new answer

Maybe tmi’s are out. Who knows when a shark exactly has jumped? Calling something ‘tmi’ used to put some irony into conversation. But what would you say when irony doesn’t help anymore?

The bed security

Hunger for sex is still a synonym for western welfare put into words or irony, whereas subtle irony seems to be a foreign language:

The baby car

And then there was this moment she got interested in cars:

The temporal climax

Scientific research is an interesting thing to do. You’re realizing how astonishing the world is we live in. And you can tell others what you just found out. They will appreciate your engagement. Most of the time. Not always. One day I’d like to know who’s engaged to find out facts like this one:

Obama’s winnig tweet

Shortly after realizing, Obama will be president for four more years this tweet appeared on his official twitter account:

The tweeter was not Obama himself and the picture has nothing to do with the election. Nevertheless this tweet has been retweetet half a million times by now. It’s not about the content, stupid. [via]


Schon lange keinem Dent mehr gehuldigt. Ein Dent ist ja für identi.ca das, was für Twitter der Tweet ist. Und einen solchen habe ich das letzte Mal ganz zu Anfangszeiten besprochen. Heute huldige ich mal einem Dent, den ich in der Schublade hatte für Leute, die auch mal was Lustiges besprechen wollten. Ich habe ihn auch gerne vorgezeigt, um Leuten die Möglichkeit der Lustigkeit in 140 Zeichen zu zeigen. Daher ohne weitere Worte:

<img src=“http://2muchin4mation.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/babyeingeschlafen.png“>

How wonderful you are

TMI’s about information, you didn’t want to hear but had to hear somehow. But it’s useless information. Somehow it makes your mind think about. This weeks tweet of the week isn’t that sort oft tmi, but I want to have it here. It’s a tweet from Zach Braff to a teenager turnig 16 today with all her juvenile doubts.

And that’s somehow new in twitter as far as I know. A twitter user with more than a million followers sending a bithday wish to an unknown twitter user with 153 follower. What a birthday present.

The needless adjustment

Sometimes you’re listenting to conversations of others by accident. That can be funny or strange. One good thing about it is that you’re usually not part of it. But those listenings can still be quite irritating. Which brings us to this week’s totw wherin I really don’t know: To whom is this a useful information?

The secret

It’s not the case that you could’nt provoke revealing tmi’s on twitter. Even nowadays when twitter has become quite common and less interesting, there’s still room for classic tmi stuff. Just ask if anyone’s ready to tell a secret:

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