The after solo

Sexu­al tmi’s in twit­ter have always been a bit inte­res­ting. Most­ly becau­se I wasn’t used to tho­se situa­ti­ons. Regu­lar­ly tho­se were situa­ti­ons of women and it was kind of natu­ral that tho­se expe­ri­en­ces were unusu­al to me.

This doesn’t mean the­re are no male expe­ri­en­ces unknown to me. But that has most­ly to do with me not get­ting phy­si­cal­ly into tho­se situa­ti­ons. Obvious­ly the­re are also situa­ti­ons that don’t occur to me natu­ral­ly:


The about-that-time

“What is twit­ter all about?” is a regu­lar ques­ti­on twit­ter user have to ans­wer, becau­se they are using it. En gross it’s about get­ting and sharing infor­ma­ti­on, whe­re­as that infor­ma­ti­on is most of the time low of qua­li­ty.

So the ques­ti­on ari­ses again: “What is twit­ter all about, if not just spen­ding your time ran­dom­ly?”

Well, you could ans­wer, twit­ter was one of tho­se things in life, whe­re the ques­ti­on of its sen­se can’t be put in one sin­gle sen­ten­ces, whe­reu­pon this wouldn’t mean the­re was none. It just would lie in its poten­ti­al to use it. This is a qui­te phi­lo­so­phi­c­la ans­wer and hard to cri­ti­ci­ze as it goes down to the argu­ment: Having some­thing with a pos­si­ble usa­ge is bet­ter than not having it at all.

But some­ti­mes twit­ter is good to explo­re yours­elf and get­ting infor­ma­ti­on about your own in a sort of soli­lo­quy:

How good you can sha­re the­se new know­ledge achie­ve­ments to the world.


The pro vote

It’s somehow in nowa­days to rep­re­sent a poli­ti­cal point of view. It’s not that important to be able to defend cer­tain argu­men­ta­ti­ons. It’s more important to argue for a par­ty or for a poli­ti­ci­an. The­re used to be times whe­re being non-political was the right poli­ti­cal point of view. Tho­se days are gone.

In the United Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca Oba­ma was a glo­rious embo­dy­ment for this chan­ge: In cho­sing him as your favo­ri­te poli­ti­ci­an you voted for a per­son of inte­gri­ty, not for lob­by­ing. But as far as you can see by now, pro­blems are not sol­ved just through having inte­gri­ty. So many are now rethin­king their votings, at least their rea­sons for their votes.


Why this is tmi? Well that tweet’s not about poli­tics.


The medical phaenomenon

Guys are always said to have not as many mul­ti­tas­king capa­ci­ties as girls have. Guys can watch a fire and relax. They don’t need to do other things in the same moment. And if they deci­ded to relax that way, what can be done uncon­cious­ly, they hard­ly react on other stuff. Apart from actions like get­ting a new bear, but the­se just fit for their ade­quacy of the moment.

Girls are dif­fe­rent.

They don’t fall for fire that pecu­li­ar way. They fall for their bodies. And they found ways of com­mu­ni­ca­ting with their bodies guys have obvious­ly no clue of:

Your bones real­ly hurt?


The plastic massage

Being beau­ti­ful is one of the cen­tral aspects of nowa­days life. The pro­blem is that no one looks per­fect­ly beau­ti­ful over a lon­ger peri­ode of time. That’s why implants are so inte­res­ting to many peop­le.

But it’s obvious­ly not done just with implants, you have to take care about them:

I thought that’s what guys are for?!


The speedy willy

I real­ly didn’t get why Hei­di Klum wan­ted to talk about her boobs and wan­ted to tell their names to a grea­ter audi­ence. At least in the video she says, guys wouldn’t know any­thing about having boobs or so. I guess that’s right for most of them.

So are girls bet­ter off with their sexu­al organs than guys?

I don’t think so. The­re are spe­cial fee­lings qui­te unknown and qui­te inac­cess­a­ble to girls. And guys can tre­at tho­se func­tions in dif­fe­rent degrees:

Eat that, girls.


The coffee lack

Lack of cof­fee is a spe­cial pro­blem of modern times. In for­mer times cof­fee was a spe­cial thing avail­ab­le only on spe­cial days. Nowa­days you can have cheap cof­fee whene­ver you want. Well that’s of cour­se if you have money enough to buy it. If you have the time to buy it. And the most important pro­blem for men: If you can remem­ber to have to buy it.

But for some guys there’s actual­ly a good indi­ca­tor for having to buy cof­fee:


So if you know men going to the toi­let qui­te often — you know why!


Jetzt auch hier: Männer.

Too much infor­ma­ti­on wird 2! Dazu hat uns Sacha Brohm zu Ehren einen Tweet of the week bespro­chen. Ganz herz­li­chen Dank!

Män­ner. Män­ner sind die wich­tigs­ten Men­schen auf der Welt. Auf die­ser und auf allen ande­ren auch. Bald wird sich ein For­scher aus sei­nem zuge­müll­ten Labor her­aus­wüh­len und stolz ein Reagenz­glas, in dem der Beweis steckt, in die Luft hal­ten: Män­ner sind super­pral­le Ham­mer­pral­los mit pral­l­er­knal­lem Knal­l­er­know­ledge. Ich weiß das schon jetzt. Das macht mich glück­lich. Ich habe viel mit Män­nern zu tun. Das ist eigent­lich immer ein gro­ßer Spaß. Ich glau­be aller­dings, dass die Gesell­schaft noch nicht so recht mit­be­kom­men hat, was alles in Män­nern ste­cken kann. Und zwar in den ganz nor­ma­len Män­nern von neben­an. Die wer­den wie immer ver­ges­sen. Klar, Geor­ge Cloo­ney und Micha­el Schan­ze, das sind Män­ner, die aus den Medi­en nicht weg­zu­den­ken wären. Udo Jür­gens, dann noch der eine von der SPD und der Sän­ger von die­ser Band… Män­ner, die eine Lob­by haben. Die Män­ner von neben­an haben nur sich und die ande­ren Män­ner von neben­an. Lau­schen wir doch mal, was sie bewegt:


Män­ner. Män­ner sind die wich­tigs­ten Men­schen auf der Welt. Und sie spü­ren den Schmerz genau­so wie du und ich. Den Schmerz des Durch­bruchs in eine ande­re Dimen­si­on. Sie ver­ste­cken ihren Schmerz aber hin­ter einer Fas­sa­de aus Roman­tik. Macht sie das nied­lich? Ja, ich fin­de schon. Gebt ihnen ton­nen­wei­se Gleit­mit­tel, mit dem sie ihre gemein­sa­me Roman­tik zele­brie­ren kön­nen. Ich klop­fe ganz lieb an und fra­ge, ob ich mit­ma­chen darf.
Sascha Brohm bloggt unter Sein letz­tes Buch Sacha Brohms glit­zern­des Schatz­käst­lein vol­ler fun­keln­der All­tags­mär­chen ist hier erhält­lich. Vom 19. — 24. Sep­tem­ber tritt er in Ber­lin auf.


The juggling sack

Men and women are dif­fe­rent. Some peop­le want to elemi­na­te tho­se dif­fe­ren­ces. This is obvious­ly okay when it comes to get­ting the same sala­ry for the same kind of work.

It gets more dif­fi­cult when it comes to lan­guage. Wit­hin the ger­man lan­guage some peop­le try to elim­na­te some usa­ges of wor­ds that seem to be rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ons of male domi­nan­ce utte­red in speech. So they try to esta­blish other usa­ges. But tho­se attemps don’t real­ly suceed becau­se lan­guage works on its­elf and is not led by tho­se thoughts.

So I guess the­re are dif­fe­ren­ces that are some kind of natu­ral, taken over by a way of living. And there’s some male beha­viour women can’t copy. Or have you ever had a thought of women try­ing to act like this:

What a thought. Only to be done this way.