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The about-that-time

„What is twitter all about?“ is a regular question twitter user have to answer, because they are using it. En gross it’s about getting and sharing information, whereas that information is most of the time low of quality.

So the question arises again: „What is twitter all about, if not just spending your time randomly?“

Well, you could answer, twitter was one of those things in life, where the question of its sense can’t be put in one single sentences, whereupon this wouldn’t mean there was none. It just would lie in its potential to use it. This is a quite philosophicla answer and hard to criticize as it goes down to the argument: Having something with a possible usage is better than not having it at all.

But sometimes twitter is good to explore yourself and getting information about your own in a sort of soliloquy:

How good you can share these new knowledge achievements to the world.

The pro vote

It’s somehow in nowadays to represent a political point of view. It’s not that important to be able to defend certain argumentations. It’s more important to argue for a party or for a politician. There used to be times where being non-political was the right political point of view. Those days are gone.

In the United States of America Obama was a glorious embodyment for this change: In chosing him as your favorite politician you voted for a person of integrity, not for lobbying. But as far as you can see by now, problems are not solved just through having integrity. So many are now rethinking their votings, at least their reasons for their votes.


Why this is tmi? Well that tweet’s not about politics.

The medical phaenomenon

Guys are always said to have not as many multitasking capacities as girls have. Guys can watch a fire and relax. They don’t need to do other things in the same moment. And if they decided to relax that way, what can be done unconciously, they hardly react on other stuff. Apart from actions like getting a new bear, but these just fit for their adequacy of the moment.

Girls are different.

They don’t fall for fire that peculiar way. They fall for their bodies. And they found ways of communicating with their bodies guys have obviously no clue of:

Your bones really hurt?

The plastic massage

Being beautiful is one of the central aspects of nowadays life. The problem is that no one looks perfectly beautiful over a longer periode of time. That’s why implants are so interesting to many people.

But it’s obviously not done just with implants, you have to take care about them:

I thought that’s what guys are for?!


The speedy willy

I really didn’t get why Heidi Klum wanted to talk about her boobs and wanted to tell their names to a greater audience. At least in the video she says, guys wouldn’t know anything about having boobs or so. I guess that’s right for most of them.

So are girls better off with their sexual organs than guys?

I don’t think so. There are special feelings quite unknown and quite inaccessable to girls. And guys can treat those functions in different degrees:

Eat that, girls.

The coffee lack

Lack of coffee is a special problem of modern times. In former times coffee was a special thing available only on special days. Nowadays you can have cheap coffee whenever you want. Well that’s of course if you have money enough to buy it. If you have the time to buy it. And the most important problem for men: If you can remember to have to buy it.

But for some guys there’s actually a good indicator for having to buy coffee:


So if you know men going to the toilet quite often – you know why!

Jetzt auch hier: Männer.

Too much information wird 2! Dazu hat uns Sacha Brohm zu Ehren einen Tweet of the week besprochen. Ganz herzlichen Dank!

Männer. Männer sind die wichtigsten Menschen auf der Welt. Auf dieser und auf allen anderen auch. Bald wird sich ein Forscher aus seinem zugemüllten Labor herauswühlen und stolz ein Reagenzglas, in dem der Beweis steckt, in die Luft halten: Männer sind superpralle Hammerprallos mit prallerknallem Knallerknowledge. Ich weiß das schon jetzt. Das macht mich glücklich. Ich habe viel mit Männern zu tun. Das ist eigentlich immer ein großer Spaß. Ich glaube allerdings, dass die Gesellschaft noch nicht so recht mitbekommen hat, was alles in Männern stecken kann. Und zwar in den ganz normalen Männern von nebenan. Die werden wie immer vergessen. Klar, George Clooney und Michael Schanze, das sind Männer, die aus den Medien nicht wegzudenken wären. Udo Jürgens, dann noch der eine von der SPD und der Sänger von dieser Band… Männer, die eine Lobby haben. Die Männer von nebenan haben nur sich und die anderen Männer von nebenan. Lauschen wir doch mal, was sie bewegt:


Männer. Männer sind die wichtigsten Menschen auf der Welt. Und sie spüren den Schmerz genauso wie du und ich. Den Schmerz des Durchbruchs in eine andere Dimension. Sie verstecken ihren Schmerz aber hinter einer Fassade aus Romantik. Macht sie das niedlich? Ja, ich finde schon. Gebt ihnen tonnenweise Gleitmittel, mit dem sie ihre gemeinsame Romantik zelebrieren können. Ich klopfe ganz lieb an und frage, ob ich mitmachen darf.
Sascha Brohm bloggt unter sachabrohm.de. Sein letztes Buch Sacha Brohms glitzerndes Schatzkästlein voller funkelnder Alltagsmärchen ist hier erhältlich. Vom 19. – 24. September tritt er in Berlin auf.

The juggling sack

Men and women are different. Some people want to eleminate those differences. This is obviously okay when it comes to getting the same salary for the same kind of work.

It gets more difficult when it comes to language. Within the german language some people try to elimnate some usages of words that seem to be representations of male dominance uttered in speech. So they try to establish other usages. But those attemps don’t really suceed because language works on itself and is not led by those thoughts.

So I guess there are differences that are some kind of natural, taken over by a way of living. And there’s some male behaviour women can’t copy. Or have you ever had a thought of women trying to act like this:

What a thought. Only to be done this way.

Männer mit Ständern

Die sexualisierten Witze über klassische Musik sind schon ziemlich ausgelutscht. Wer lacht schon heute noch über die angebliche Zweideutigkeit von Notenständern? Mir fällt gar kein guter Witz ein, mit dem man in diesem Kontext noch Leute überraschen könnte. Oder kennen Sie einen klassischen Sketch, der Sex und Musik kombiniert? Fällt Ihnen gerade einer ein? Die scheinen nicht sonderlich einprägsam gewesen zu sein.

Aber man sollte es natürlich auch nicht herausfordern:

Das ist übrigens kein Witz. Stellen Sie sich das mal vor!

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