US-Präsident – Das wurde aus Trumps vielen Kontroversen

Using as a feed reader

I like it when I do under­stand some­thing. Well who doesn’t? But actu­al­ly I tend to think that things that I don’t under­stand on the inter­net keep on get­ting more and more. 

When Dave Win­er wrote that could be use­ad as a feed read­er I got the idea in an instant, although I had an account for mon­th with­out using it.

I can’t see that it could be as impor­tant as the Google Read­er and I don’t see me using more inten­sive­ly. But who knows what will be in 2016? So meet me there.

The toilet accident

There are weeks and months with­out new TMI-tweets. And often it’s because tweets are some­times inten­tion­al­ly inde­screte which makes the thought of them not authen­ti­cal. Some­times it’s dif­fer­ent:

Wer hat uns verraten?

The late commitment

Some­times you rec­og­nize how much you need some­thing just in that par­tic­u­lar moment when you just lost it. At least she got the per­fect nick­name for such a post:


Die haarige Angelegenheit

Nichts Men­schlich­es soll­te einem fremd sein, doch Damen­bart ist nicht jedem son­der­lich unbe­fremdlich. Und das, obwohl er dere­in­st ein­mal ein Inbe­griff fem­i­nin­er Selb­st­bes­tim­mung gewe­sen ist.

The winterfrost

That’s just what hap­pens if you pee out­side the­se days:

The two worst things

We’ve had it about lists and we’ve had it about things going on on the toi­let. What about list about things going on on a toi­let?

The right coordination

I hope no guy is present at that time:

The unexpected tenuousness

Some­times you get the best new idea’s where you don’t expect them:

The social conclusion

There were times when peo­ple were afraid of their par­ents enter­ing social net­works. I guess times have changed…

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