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  • Ban­non v Kush­ner power strugg­le makes Fri­days inte­res­ting at W.H. – “A well-placed D.C. source says it’s no coin­ci­dence that Pre­si­dent Trump’s anti-Muslim “tra­vel ban” bro­ke last Fri­day after seni­or pre­si­den­ti­al advi­ser Jared Kush­ner, an obser­vant Jew, had che­cked out for the day. The situa­ti­on is descri­bed by our spy as “a power strugg­le bet­ween two seni­or advi­sers” Kush­ner and for­mer Breit­bart chief, Ste­ve Bannon. 

    “Ever­yo­ne is working 24/7, but Jared, becau­se of his reli­gious views, not only can’t be in the White Hou­se, but can’t be on his pho­ne, can’t dri­ve his car, can’t lis­ten to the radio — he can’t be reached,” says our whist­leb­lo­wer. Obser­vant Jews are pro­hi­bi­ted from working bet­ween sun­set Fri­day and sun­set Saturday.”

  • For Ger­ma­ny, Trump Poses a Pro­blem With No Clear Solu­ti­on – “We still don’t real­ly have a clue who we are in the world and who we want to be,” said Jana Puglie­rin of the Ger­man Coun­cil on For­eign Rela­ti­ons. That makes it dif­fi­cult to face increa­singly urgent ques­ti­ons, she said, over “what role we should play, who Ger­ma­ny is, how domi­nant do we want to be.”

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