The Muppets — The most wonderful time of the year

Wir sind die Wauzis

… haben kei­nen Papa, haben kei­ne Mama, nie­mand hat uns lieb.

Scheibenwischerklassiker(1): Sing es laut

Die bei­den Her­ren von rechts gese­hen sind viel­leicht bekannt als Gerichts­me­di­zin­be­diens­te­te aus dem Thril­ler Ana­to­mie mit Fran­ka Potente.

Here come the mummies — Pants

Zur fei­er­li­chen Eröff­nung der wei­te­ren Kate­go­rie TMI-Songs pos­te ich ich mal fol­gen­des, net­tes Lied­chen [Text]:

DJ Lubel — Wrong hole (acoustic & live)


Wrong hole


I took her on a date, things see­med so bright
I knew i would not need my you­porn tonight
We go to her place and we fool around
We throw all our clothes…to the ground

We begin as she turns out the lights
I start but feel some­thing so very extra tight
I hear your cry and i see her frown
I look at the con­dom, it is all brown

Last Night. oooo
I stuck it in the wrong hole
I’m so sor­ry, oooo
from the bot­tom of my soul
….cau­se i stuck it in the wrong hole

Try some preparation
it’ll make you feel better
In my defense
tho­se holes are so clo­se together

Oh baby baby
don’t feel defiled
it’s a com­mon accident
during dog­gy style

It was so dark
I couldn’t see so good
I had no idea
whe­re i put my wood

I want to make things better
want to make things alright
If you want you can put on a strap on
and give it back to me all night ( I’d rather if she didn’t)

Last Night. oooo
I stuck it in the wrong hole
I’m so sor­ry, oooo
from the bot­tom of my soul

I never ever want
to make you feel hurting
I guess thats why God made
that hole not for inserting

Tell me how you feel,
baby plea­se don’t pause
Now I know how they feel
in that HBO show OZ

May­be take some advit,
your pain it will fix
From the way you are walking,
you can com­pe­te in the spe­cial olympics

If this was Alabama
we would be on trial,
That’s how my mom
took my tem­pe­ra­tu­re as a child (with a thermometer)

I’ve got a confession,
and I think you will mind
I kin­da liked
when you put it in my behind

I don’t know baby,
I’m no Sodomite
Can’t we just try it again
ton­ight….? Alright!

Every night oooo
I stick it in the wrong hole
It’s so much fun,oooo
and we don’t need no birth control
When we stick it in the wrong hole.
I stuck in your ass

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