The homecoming

Do you know the­se rou­ti­nes that struc­tu­re life? Once the­re was a time I kept an eye on being home soon enough for some spe­ci­fic soap ope­ra on tele­vi­si­on. I never lik­ed that habit actual­ly until final­ly I stopt with it. Actual­ly I stopt watching series at a spe­ci­fic time. That brought me more free­dom in ordi­na­ry life, as stran­ge as that may sound.

But of cour­se the­re are still some rou­ti­nes I real­ly like when I get home. Tho­se tiny things that make you relax from your regu­lar stress. Two of tho­se three men­tio­ned here:

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