The world press freedom

Wiki­leaks is ever­y­whe­re in the press. Eit­her in reporting on Wiki­leaks its­elf or on the topics out of the new Wiki­leaks release. Not kno­wing how to deal with Wiki­leaks or not kno­wing how to deal with their latest release seems to be the best ground for com­ing up with a press release the­se days.

The best ground in reac­ting to Wiki­leaks and its relea­ses if you’re an offi­ci­al of a firm or a sta­te depar­te­ment invol­ved seems to be for­get­ting any demo­cra­tic princi­ples when it comes to Wiki­leaks. It’s going to be a very inte­res­ting topic on the upco­m­ing World Press Free­dom Day being pre­sen­ted in the United Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca:

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