The pro vote

It’s somehow in nowa­days to rep­re­sent a poli­ti­cal point of view. It’s not that important to be able to defend cer­tain argu­men­ta­ti­ons. It’s more important to argue for a par­ty or for a poli­ti­ci­an. The­re used to be times whe­re being non-political was the right poli­ti­cal point of view. Tho­se days are gone.

In the United Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca Oba­ma was a glo­rious embo­dy­ment for this chan­ge: In cho­sing him as your favo­ri­te poli­ti­ci­an you voted for a per­son of inte­gri­ty, not for lob­by­ing. But as far as you can see by now, pro­blems are not sol­ved just through having inte­gri­ty. So many are now rethin­king their votings, at least their rea­sons for their votes.


Why this is tmi? Well that tweet’s not about poli­tics.

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