The juggling sack

Men and women are dif­fe­rent. Some peop­le want to elemi­na­te tho­se dif­fe­ren­ces. This is obvious­ly okay when it comes to get­ting the same sala­ry for the same kind of work.

It gets more dif­fi­cult when it comes to lan­guage. Wit­hin the ger­man lan­guage some peop­le try to elim­na­te some usa­ges of wor­ds that seem to be rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ons of male domi­nan­ce utte­red in speech. So they try to esta­blish other usa­ges. But tho­se attemps don’t real­ly suceed becau­se lan­guage works on its­elf and is not led by tho­se thoughts.

So I guess the­re are dif­fe­ren­ces that are some kind of natu­ral, taken over by a way of living. And there’s some male beha­viour women can’t copy. Or have you ever had a thought of women try­ing to act like this:

What a thought. Only to be done this way.

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