The metaphorical taste

I’d real­ly like to know: When did peo­ple start mak­ing poet­i­cal con­ver­sa­tion on wine? When did it occur that just drink­ing it and say­ing Aaaaah wasn’t just enough? Is there real­ly a con­nec­tion between this metaphor­i­cal talk and a taste or is this just some kind of com­plex mar­ket­ing?

If you work in the wine busi­ness you cen­tain­ly have to talk in this spe­cif­ic man­ner. Peo­ple that buy expen­sive wine do want this kund of chat before buy­ing wine. As if to say: When you’re not even capa­ble of talk­ing of this whine in a metaphor­i­cal way — why buy­ing it and not drink cola instead?

So there’s a mix­ing move­ment between the world of aestet­ics and the world of mar­ket­ing when it comes to sell­ing wine. And tak­ing this man­ner of speak­ing over to oth­er top­ics the sym­bol­ism of this man­ner speak­ing dom­i­nates the actu­al thought:


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