The New Year’s start

2009’s gone and 2010 is alre­ady the­re. And just ima­gi­ne: At the end of next week we’re alre­ady in the midd­le of janu­ary. Time runs quick­ly.

So if you’re still han­ging on to that nice win­ter and christ­mas time in decem­ber, if that par­ty on New Year’s Eve has left some nice impres­si­ons in your mind, don’t for­get to start the new year.

The­re are new tasks to come and old ones to be finis­hed. There’s a spring com­ing, whe­re there’s defe­ni­te­ly going to be love in the air. There’s a sum­mer com­ing on and may­be you should bet­ter plan to do some sports for that.

Anyhow it’s a nice thing to get your body in shape for 2010…

… isn’t it?

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