The worst place

Do you have a favou­rite place?

It’s bet­ter to have that. That one place to go to when storms attack your life and fee­lings. That one place that’s untouched by the evil.

For some it’s a real place, for others it’s the moment with someo­ne else. You know about that rule of some cou­ples: Never go to sleep with anger bet­ween the two of them.

Some­ti­mes you have to fight for that. Some­ti­mes you need to recap­tu­re that place. Anyhow this place as an idea is in some stran­ge way com­bi­ned with the idea or the wish of untouch­a­ble­ness.

And some­ti­mes this cor­re­la­tes to the worst place:


Some­ti­mes you should just have left it untouched.

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