The childhood illusion

There’s an under­ly­ing cri­ti­cism when it comes to blogs or twit­ter: bounda­ries that are emi­nent in papers or other media are almost invi­si­ble wit­hin the con­text of blogs and twit­ter. So taking things serious­ly is much har­der in the inter­net and almost com­ple­te­ly in ques­ti­on. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Speaking of babies, let’s have a look at Tho­mas. Tho­mas is well known as the boy that freaks out when fin­ding nude pic­tures on the inter­net.

He’s on twit­ter as well and you can watch him grow up in some sort of way. Here’s what he thinks makes a man out of him:


Well, what’s good for a guy might mean not­hing to a boy. Igno­ring the bounda­ries bet­ween tho­se two types of men makes Tho­mas’ view so fatuous. But one day he’ll know. At least I hope so.

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