The welcoming cry

There’s one spe­cial thing about men and women: Men do think woman know what all guy’s stuff is all about, they are just not too inter­est­ed. Well, it’s dif­fer­ent with real men’s sports, but that’s just of no big­ger impor­tance. These sports are just pure man­hood not meant to be under­stood. But with all oth­er things — girls know what that is all about when the chips are down.
Men don’t. Women think men are good lis­ten­ers as they are quite and ask a ques­tion from time to time. Like “Real­ly? Uhh” and so. That’s good tac­tics by the way to come clos­er to chicks. But men don’t real­ly come to greater knowl­edge about girl’s stuff. They just pre­tend.
Hav­ing that in mind it’s just right that Sophi­abi­abia pos­es this ques­tion not to guys:
We guys real­ly don’t know what the impor­tance of cry­ing could be in this very sit­u­a­tion. Guys hard­ly cry in this moment. At least I hope so.
But how good is it to wel­come your child in that way of yoda speak? Maybe there’s the rea­son why guys don’t lis­ten to any­thing women say.

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