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Michael Jackson is back

… als japa­ni­scher Zombie-Trainer:

The American Dream

Ame­ri­ca is the land of the big­gest porn indus­try on the one hand and having that in mind the big­gest inhi­bi­ti­on when it comes to sex. This is one thing you should keep in mind when you have to deal with ame­ri­cans: The ant­ago­nisms that do not inter­rupt the Ame­ri­can Dream.

The Ame­ri­can Dream is not bound to a spe­ci­fic con­tent. So you can get your money in qui­te dif­fe­rent ways, with or without ant­ago­nisms in the Ame­ri­can Cul­tu­re. And it won’t bother you any­way if you’re not con­fron­ted with dif­fe­rent cul­tures. The last thing could dis­turb you a litt­le. But keep in mind: Many per­sons are not irri­ta­ted by that.

But other­ways that’s not the only way that get­ting out of your dreams can be problematic:

Sarah Jay

I guess I just have too litt­le expe­ri­ence with Ame­ri­can Dreams.

Porno Ping Pong

Acid free coffee

… makes you sound weird if you drink it:

The discovery

There’s a fun­ny thing about art: Some­ti­mes it’s hard to dis­tin­guish what is art and what is not. Some peop­le decla­re things to be art that are not made with an arti­fi­ci­al intention.

That’s why some peop­le look at old stuff just in regard to their beau­ti­ness. This can be stran­ge to tho­se that defi­ne objects as art just if there’s a poten­ti­al­ly known, real­ly exis­tent artist and not just a tech­ni­cal­ly inte­rested artificier.

But if you’re refe­ring to objects as aes­theti­cal just by the way you look at them, it’s some­ti­mes qui­te irri­ta­ting. And so things beco­me objects of arti­fi­ci­al ana­ly­sis that used to have a dif­fe­rent function.

This seems to have hap­pend to Peter Arm­a­do as well:


NASA stiehlt Berliner Fernsehturm

Ber­lin TV tower — lift off from Fabi­an Tischer on Vimeo.

Berlin TV Tower lifts off

Ber­lin TV tower — lift off from Fabi­an Tischer on Vimeo.

Sex mit einer Lokomotive


Update: Das Video ist wohl ver­bannt wor­den. Der Aus­schnitt ent­stammt aller­dings der 32. Fol­ge von, und die ist nach wie vor online. Der Aus­schnitt star­tet ab 5:31 min.

Becoming a happy walker girl

Deutsche erfinden wasserlöslichen Bikini

Auf­re­gung herrscht im Inter­net, denn die Deut­schen haben einen durch Was­ser sich selbst lösen­den Biki­ni auf den Markt gebracht. Gedacht soll das ding sein für Leu­te, die ihrer Freun­din eins aus­wi­schen wol­len. Ja, sicher, da könn­te eine Markt­lü­cke sein.

Heiss dis­ku­tiert wird die­se Neu­heit hier:

aber auch hier:

Und wie funk­tio­niert das Gan­ze nun? So.

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