The smell

There’s sum­mer in many parts of the world right about now. This means on the one hand that peop­le get hap­pier bea­cau­se the sun keeps on shi­ning most of the day. This is the time of year that most peop­le enjoy the most.

On the other hand the­re are things in sum­mer that can dis­turb in a way. See­ing peop­le being hap­py while you’re not is one thing. See­ing peop­le being in bad shape alt­hough wea­ring tight clo­thes ano­t­her.

But it’s a real­ly repul­si­ve thing is if there’s a smell you don’t like and you know the per­son whe­re it’s com­ing from.

The smell

Does he think that his smell a good thing? By the way, it was his smell, wasn’t it?

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