The change

Get­ting a baby is a revo­lu­ti­on wit­hin a mar­ria­ge. Some peop­le final­ly grow up with a baby. Most of them decla­re birth to be one of the most important moments of their life. Often enough a baby is the ulti­ma­te test for a mar­ria­ge.

Anyhow babies lead to a dif­fe­rent life for a few years. You have to be respons­able for more than your own life for the rest of your life. Any other thin­king of this new situa­ti­on seems not to be nor­mal. And all of a sud­den your mar­ria­ge is dif­fe­rent.

So you have to deal with this new situa­ti­on, and that one-man-one-woman-thing is over. It’s a hard thing for guys to rea­li­ze that. And it’s open to for­tu­ne if that for­mer roman­tic situa­ti­on comes back when tho­se babies try to live their own lifes around 20 years later.

Women deal with other chan­ges in the mean­ti­me:

The change

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