The reaction

For almost a year I’m wri­ting now in TMI-tweets and I assu­med at the begin­ning that once the­re would come a time of repea­ting topics. But the­re are still things com­ing up that are even new to me.

I kind of know what guys are having in mind when tmi’s occur in their time­li­ne. It’s dif­fe­rent with women, as far as I would say. And somehow I think twit­ter is often like real life:

As I like to say: Guys always repeat their mista­kes, they hard­ly chan­ge their beha­viour, whe­re­as women tend to do new rare things, when they crack up.

Keep that theo­ry in mind. Some­ti­mes rea­li­ty pro­ves me right:

The reaction

I have abso­lute­ly no clue how that works. If there’s some stra­te­gy behind all of this, it might be a help for cou­ples in need.

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