The arrival

Boys and girls have qui­te dif­fe­rent inte­rests when it comes to toys. You know that old sto­ry that boys are inte­rested in cars and elec­tro­nic stuff, whe­re­as girls fan­cy dolls.

If this assump­ti­on that many peop­le think of as ordi­na­ry is tur­ned upsi­de down things beco­me dif­fi­cult: Peop­le tend to think of boys being inte­rested in dolls as not being man­ly enough. And girls that are inte­rested in elec­tro­nic stuff are seen as unfe­mi­ni­ne.

As if inte­rests would rep­re­sent your per­so­na­li­ty! Every child knows this counts only for adults:


Your toys??? Ehm, say no more!

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