The twilightly intent

Last week I had it on slam poe­try, a spe­cial form of poe­try not ever­yo­ne likes. They are qui­te simi­lar to other forms of sto­ry­tel­ling.

Short sto­ries and fai­ry tales are often con­s­i­de­red dif­fer­ent­ly: You love them or you hate them. To wor­ship tho­se parts of lite­ra­tu­re you have to take a look into their world. This world often is dif­fe­rent from ordi­na­ry life. For many peop­le that’s the main rea­son not to care about them.

But for others it’s such a fasci­na­ting trip into bizar­re worlds, books on fic­tio­nal sto­ries is all they read. Har­ry Pot­ter was just that kind of hype. And today it’s Twi­light.  A groo­vy sto­ry on love, trust, being an out­si­der and bloo­dy vam­pi­res. It’s some­thing that can take con­trol of your dreams.

Cher­ryChain­saw is obvious­ly not ready for such a trip into won­der­land:


That would make rea­li­ty qui­te sca­ry.

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