The slammy poet

I nev­er real­ly got into poet­ry slam so far. I always sound­ed too unlit­er­ary to me. I am real­ly used to books and I clear­ly attribute to myself to have some kinde of taste in lit­er­a­ture, which is quite nor­mal being con­front­ed with those clas­sics. Slame poet­ry always seemed to ignore those achieve­ments, the audi­ence sel­dom gives the impres­son of being inter­est­ed in deep­er things. But for many this kind of sub­jec­tive dis­tinc­tion is wrong. They refer to the sub­jec­tive taste where­in every­one is the one to judge.
Doing so we have to admit poet­ry slam on stage is amus­ing and it often ignites a spark to lis­ten­ers:
poetryslam1But there’s some dan­ger. Some­times that spark lits a fire and lis­ten­ers get to the point where they want to inter­pret things out of their periph­ery in metaphor­i­cal terms.
Keep those guys off the stage!

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