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The slammy poet

I never really got into poetry slam so far. I always sounded too unliterary to me. I am really used to books and I clearly attribute to myself to have some kinde of taste in literature, which is quite normal being confronted with those classics. Slame poetry always seemed to ignore those achievements, the audience seldom gives the impresson of being interested in deeper things. But for many this kind of subjective distinction is wrong. They refer to the subjective taste wherein everyone is the one to judge.

Doing so we have to admit poetry slam on stage is amusing and it often ignites a spark to listeners:

poetryslam1But there’s some danger. Sometimes that spark lits a fire and listeners get to the point where they want to interpret things out of their periphery in metaphorical terms.


Keep those guys off the stage!

Tetris porno

David Letterman on Twitter

The twilightly intent

Last week I had it on slam poetry, a special form of poetry not everyone likes. They are quite similar to other forms of storytelling.

Short stories and fairy tales are often considered differently: You love them or you hate them. To worship those parts of literature you have to take a look into their world. This world often is different from ordinary life. For many people that’s the main reason not to care about them.

But for others it’s such a fascinating trip into bizarre worlds, books on fictional stories is all they read. Harry Potter was just that kind of hype. And today it’s Twilight.  A groovy story on love, trust, being an outsider and bloody vampires. It’s something that can take control of your dreams.

CherryChainsaw is obviously not ready for such a trip into wonderland:


That would make reality quite scary.

Die Parteien-Wahlschlappe

Jörn Thießen von der SPD hat gefordert, man solle Bürger mit Bußgeld belegen, wenn sie nicht wählen gehen, und bekundet damit: Die Krise in der SPD geht weiter.

Denn hinter dieser Forderung steht ja die Haltung, der potentielle Wähler wäre aus Faulheit zuhause geblieben. Das glaube ich nicht. Zwar ist das EU-Parlament der Ort, an dem die Politiker am meisten verdienen und überaus wichtige Entscheidungen gefällt werden. Aber über die Arbeit der deutschen Politiker dort erfährt man doch erschreckend wenig. Es ist doch bezeichnend, dass die bekannteste EU-Politikerin eine Sonnenscheinpolitikerin ist. Noch nicht einmal in der FPD kann ihnen jemand sagen, was Koch-Mehrin im EU-Parlament konstruktiv geleistet hat, die sagen nur es sei vorbildlich, wie sie Familie und Beruf unter einen Hut brächte. Wohl gemerkt: Zeitlich, nicht inhaltlich.

Kann man jetzt FPD wählen, ohne seine Stimme Koch-Mehrin geben zu wollen? Nö. Man kann nur bedingt auf eigene Ansichten beim Wählen eingehen. Auf die Ausführenden hat die Wahlentscheidung im Einzelfall überhaupt keine Auswirkung: CDU und SPD kommen z.B. mit großer Sicherheit ins EU-Parlament, wer da in der Liste an 1 steht muss eigentlich nicht um seinen Einzug kämpfen, müssen nicht hoffen, gewählt zu werden.


Bürger wählen pauschal Parteien, die sich selbst kaum erhellend positionieren. Bei den Grünen wird vor die Inhalte noch ein WUMS getackert, um es noch mehr zu verschleiern. Man wählt ins Blaue und verlässt sich dabei auf die Sympathie, die man der einen oder der anderen Partei zuweist.

Eine moderne, attraktive demokratische Wahl sieht für mich anders aus.

The alter ego

The species of man is still a worthy field of research. Men and women change their social roles continuously and everyone is affected by those changes when new roles aspire.

But it’s one thing to think of social or biological roles and another thing to be such a biological thing. Especially in being a man: You know your biological movements and you know your social role, and more: you know the things that are commonly accepted.

And then there’s this manhood moment, when nothing fits:


The blackout

As you get older blackouts seem to come more often: You remember someone’s face but not his name. You recall situations and don’t know if they were real. You’re forgetting things you’ve done, should have done or better not should have done. That’s somehow okay if no one else is involved in that blackouts but you.

It’s not a nice situation when someone tells you „I know what you did last…“, if you know what you’ve done and it’s something ugly.

How strange would it be if you’ve done such a thing, someone else could know it, but that one isn’t you?


The arrival

Boys and girls have quite different interests when it comes to toys. You know that old story that boys are interested in cars and electronic stuff, whereas girls fancy dolls.

If this assumption that many people think of as ordinary is turned upside down things become difficult: People tend to think of boys being interested in dolls as not being manly enough. And girls that are interested in electronic stuff are seen as unfeminine.

As if interests would represent your personality! Every child knows this counts only for adults:


Your toys??? Ehm, say no more!

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