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The slammy poet

I never real­ly got into poe­try slam so far. I always sound­ed too unli­tera­ry to me. I am real­ly used to books and I clear­ly attri­bu­te to mys­elf to have some kin­de of tas­te in lite­ra­tu­re, which is qui­te nor­mal being con­fron­ted with tho­se clas­sics. Sla­me poe­try always see­med to igno­re tho­se achie­ve­ments, the audi­ence sel­dom gives the impres­son of being inte­rested in deeper things. But for many this kind of sub­jec­tive dis­tinc­tion is wrong. They refer to the sub­jec­tive tas­te wher­ein ever­yo­ne is the one to judge.

Doing so we have to admit poe­try slam on sta­ge is amu­sing and it often igni­tes a spark to listeners:


But there’s some dan­ger. Some­ti­mes that spark lits a fire and lis­teners get to the point whe­re they want to inter­pret things out of their peri­phe­ry in meta­pho­ri­cal terms.


Keep tho­se guys off the stage!

Tetris porno

David Letterman on Twitter

The twilightly intent

Last week I had it on slam poe­try, a spe­cial form of poe­try not ever­yo­ne likes. They are qui­te simi­lar to other forms of storytelling.

Short sto­ries and fai­ry tales are often con­s­i­de­red dif­fer­ent­ly: You love them or you hate them. To wor­ship tho­se parts of lite­ra­tu­re you have to take a look into their world. This world often is dif­fe­rent from ordi­na­ry life. For many peop­le that’s the main rea­son not to care about them.

But for others it’s such a fasci­na­ting trip into bizar­re worlds, books on fic­tio­nal sto­ries is all they read. Har­ry Pot­ter was just that kind of hype. And today it’s Twi­light.  A groo­vy sto­ry on love, trust, being an out­si­der and bloo­dy vam­pi­res. It’s some­thing that can take con­trol of your dreams.

Cher­ryChain­saw is obvious­ly not ready for such a trip into wonderland:


That would make rea­li­ty qui­te scary.

Die Parteien-Wahlschlappe

Jörn Thie­ßen von der SPD hat gefor­dert, man sol­le Bür­ger mit Buß­geld bele­gen, wenn sie nicht wäh­len gehen, und bekun­det damit: Die Kri­se in der SPD geht weiter.

Denn hin­ter die­ser For­de­rung steht ja die Hal­tung, der poten­ti­el­le Wäh­ler wäre aus Faul­heit zuhau­se geblie­ben. Das glau­be ich nicht. Zwar ist das EU-Parlament der Ort, an dem die Poli­ti­ker am meis­ten ver­die­nen und über­aus wich­ti­ge Ent­schei­dun­gen gefällt wer­den. Aber über die Arbeit der deut­schen Poli­ti­ker dort erfährt man doch erschre­ckend wenig. Es ist doch bezeich­nend, dass die bekann­tes­te EU-Politikerin eine Son­nen­schein­po­li­ti­ke­rin ist. Noch nicht ein­mal in der FPD kann ihnen jemand sagen, was Koch-Mehrin im EU-Parlament kon­struk­tiv geleis­tet hat, die sagen nur es sei vor­bild­lich, wie sie Fami­lie und Beruf unter einen Hut bräch­te. Wohl gemerkt: Zeit­lich, nicht inhaltlich.

Kann man jetzt FPD wäh­len, ohne sei­ne Stim­me Koch-Mehrin geben zu wol­len? Nö. Man kann nur bedingt auf eige­ne Ansich­ten beim Wäh­len ein­ge­hen. Auf die Aus­füh­ren­den hat die Wahl­ent­schei­dung im Ein­zel­fall über­haupt kei­ne Aus­wir­kung: CDU und SPD kom­men z.B. mit gro­ßer Sicher­heit ins EU-Parlament, wer da in der Lis­te an 1 steht muss eigent­lich nicht um sei­nen Ein­zug kämp­fen, müs­sen nicht hof­fen, gewählt zu werden.


Bür­ger wäh­len pau­schal Par­tei­en, die sich selbst kaum erhel­lend posi­tio­nie­ren. Bei den Grü­nen wird vor die Inhal­te noch ein WUMS getackert, um es noch mehr zu ver­schlei­ern. Man wählt ins Blaue und ver­lässt sich dabei auf die Sym­pa­thie, die man der einen oder der ande­ren Par­tei zuweist.

Eine moder­ne, attrak­ti­ve demo­kra­ti­sche Wahl sieht für mich anders aus.

The alter ego

The spe­ci­es of man is still a worthy field of rese­arch. Men and women chan­ge their soci­al roles con­ti­nuous­ly and ever­yo­ne is affec­ted by tho­se chan­ges when new roles aspire.

But it’s one thing to think of soci­al or bio­lo­gi­cal roles and ano­t­her thing to be such a bio­lo­gi­cal thing. Espe­ci­al­ly in being a man: You know your bio­lo­gi­cal move­ments and you know your soci­al role, and more: you know the things that are com­mon­ly accepted.

And then there’s this man­hood moment, when not­hing fits:


The blackout

As you get older black­outs seem to come more often: You remem­ber someone’s face but not his name. You recall situa­ti­ons and don’t know if they were real. You’re for­get­ting things you’ve done, should have done or bet­ter not should have done. That’s somehow okay if no one else is invol­ved in that black­outs but you.

It’s not a nice situa­ti­on when someo­ne tells you “I know what you did last…”, if you know what you’ve done and it’s some­thing ugly.

How stran­ge would it be if you’ve done such a thing, someo­ne else could know it, but that one isn’t you?


The arrival

Boys and girls have qui­te dif­fe­rent inte­rests when it comes to toys. You know that old sto­ry that boys are inte­rested in cars and elec­tro­nic stuff, whe­re­as girls fan­cy dolls.

If this assump­ti­on that many peop­le think of as ordi­na­ry is tur­ned upsi­de down things beco­me dif­fi­cult: Peop­le tend to think of boys being inte­rested in dolls as not being man­ly enough. And girls that are inte­rested in elec­tro­nic stuff are seen as unfeminine.

As if inte­rests would rep­re­sent your per­so­na­li­ty! Every child knows this counts only for adults:


Your toys??? Ehm, say no more!

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