The ghosts I called

Women quite often think sex is an easy game for guys. Just take your equip­ment and start the game when­ev­er you like to. And guys like that game more than it is good for them. Why else are there so many sites in the inter­net with films to get start­ed on?
That’s an easy argu­men­ta­tion. As a guy it’s dif­fi­cult to prove you’re not some­one that works as sim­ple as that. But real­i­ty is dif­fer­ent. And guys do know that. Sex for guys is not sim­ply a hedo­nis­tic walk in the park.
This is a game with a dark side.
So, if you do not have a clue how it is to get into a deep­er con­flict with sex­u­al organs imme­di­at­ly after hav­ing fun, who are you to judge?

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