The electric pal

Lan­guage is a fun­ny thing. Some­times it’s more than words and some­times you can’t tell exact­ly what that actu­al­ly means. That’s why peo­ple once tried to build up a way of sci­en­tif­ic speech. But that failed. Words aren’t made to be laid in chains.
So we have to tol­er­ate lin­guis­tic things which are hard to under­stand and deal with the risk to be irri­tat­ed by speak­ers that talk vague­ly on pur­pose.
Still, the prob­lem of talk­ing vague­ly gets to anoth­er lev­el when it’s done by women. Where­as men use ambi­gu­i­ties for jokes, women use it for irri­ta­tions:
Or am I the only one not know­ing right from the start, what “the first O” is?

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