The new kid on the loo

Two weeks ago Perez Hilton informed us that Lind­say Lohan tries to solve her prob­lems with her for­mer girl­friend Samatha Ron­son via twit­ter. This was in a way absolute­ly gos­sip, but after hav­ing had a star in our spot­light three week ago, it rais­es the ques­tion: In what way do stars use twit­ter?
As Lind­say Lohan tells us, she uses twit­ter in revenge to Ron­son and her friends using Peo­ple mag­a­zin to talk about Lohan. So this is in a way a strate­gie to guide gos­sip your­self.
For actors, singers, come­di­ans and oth­er stars twitter’s not a plat­form for art. It’s mere­ly a reac­tion to pub­lic inter­est. And maybe they can pre­vail the yel­low press from get­ting too much into their lifes by pre­sent­ing deep sights into it them­selves. Who could say if that infor­ma­tion was true or false? Who would be inter­est­ed in sto­ries of the yel­low press as he or she has read it on twit­ter already?
Maybe Jonathan Knight was try­ing to fol­low the same idea as he wrote:
… or dis­tress­ing­ly he wasn’t. Hope­ful­ly no one that heard the rumors in Knight’s bath­room that night took the sound for a new New Kids On The Block song.

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