The hunting

There are very many fakes in twit­ter. Believe me, I know, I got some of them myself. But when it comes to sex­u­al­i­ty it’s get­ting hard­er to iden­ti­fy fakes and dis­tin­guish them from real peo­ple or peo­ple try­ing to earn mon­ey with sex in the inter­net.
I’m telling you this because fuck­hunter, the per­son I’m going to deal with this week, could be a fake. Any­how you’ll just get a glimps of his life and this has to deal with sex­u­al­i­ty, because that’s his main top­ic on twit­ter. I do not feel pro­voked by the things he tweets and I think there’s a ten­den­cy to pro­voke if you have a twit­ter fake.
So on the one hand fuck­hunter is a fake that does not fol­low the ten­den­cies oth­er fakes on twit­ter have. Or he’s not a fake. Any­how I do believe there are guys like that twit­ter per­son. So let’s have a look at what he says:
(engl. Now I’m going to wank on any bitch on the inter­net.)
This is quite good for a start on fuck­hunter. Search­ing for an anony­mous per­son for sex in the inter­net, whether it’s a pic­ture, a small video or some­one on the phone, hap­pens every day, every hour. And done by more peo­ple around you than you think.
But that’s not the only area where fuck­hunter search­es for sex:
(engl.: I fucked for 180€ this month. Although yesterday’s fuck was shit. You can’t call it a fuck any­how, cause I wanked myself.)
There are a lot of web­sites where pun­ters of pros­ti­tutes tell each oth­er what pros­ti­tude does what and where she’s stand­ing. In a way this tweet is just a trans­for­ma­tion of that sort of utter­ances from those sites into twit­ter. Fuck­hunter tells all this in a very unemo­tion­al way: He’s not angry about hav­ing spent 180€ on hook­ers and he doesn’t see the per­son­al­i­ties in them. This is not nec­es­sary, but it won’t ful­full you, not in the tini­est sense:
(engl.: And so the fuck­hunter wanks dai­ly. A sad sto­ry…)
If that is what you think of and do most of the time: Absolute­ly. Some­times the hunter becomes the hunt­ed.

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