The phone sex queen

Do you know Chris Cro­cker? I think many of you do, becau­se his You­Tube video was seen by mil­li­ons of peop­le. To all of you who haven’t, the video on his break­down due to Brit­ney Spears’ trou­ble is one of the must see vide­os recent­ly. It pro­vo­ked many imi­ta­ti­ons whe­re­of I think the one made by Seth Green ist the fun­niest.

So when I saw someo­ne new on twit­ter last week cal­led Chris­has­boobs that clai­med to be Chris Cro­cker, I thought the chan­ces that this is a fake, not a bad one, but a fake, were qui­te high. But as Chris Cro­cker links this account from mys­pace, this is obvious­ly no fake.

The thing about Chris Cro­cker is it would be wrong to take one of his tweets and to point out that this sin­gle tweet is tmi, the who­le guy is tmi. And the tweets and vide­os are his media just to let that out. He would say that him­s­elf of cour­se. He’d say that’s only the way to express his fee­lings. But to use You­tube and twit­ter for that pur­po­se is a challan­ge to all wat­chers and readers.

So are you ready? Are you wil­ling to try?


So he’s one of the guys that start pho­ne sex at the age of fif­te­en. I don’t know how far you’d like to go in pic­tu­ring the last call he did. But if you fol­low him you’ll get deeper infor­ma­ti­on about that. Just think for a second how dif­fi­cult it is right know to switch to the thought about how the­se child­ren get so far.

Who he was tal­king to on the pho­ne? I abso­lute­ly don’t know.