The main carer

Edu­cat­ing chil­dren is such a hor­ri­ble thing. There are thou­sand mis­takes to do, thou­sand good advices to fol­low, thou­sand weird ideas your chil­dren come up with. And there’s a whole indus­try try­ing to make your chil­dren get­ting nuts. They’d bet­ter use this per­fume, play that game, lis­ten to those boy bands and eat much fast food.
It’s not only that you have to edu­cate some­one, you also have to fight against unre­spon­s­able pow­ers out there. And these pow­ers some­times are even com­bined. It’s a tricky thing to sort that all out.
FrauElise is one of those peo­ple that are both­ered with edu­ca­tion. Last sat­ur­day she decid­ed to watch ger­man tele­vi­sion. The ger­man ver­sion of Pop Idol, “Deutsch­land sucht den Super­star”, was shown. She is well aware of the dan­ger that comes along with this show. What if her chil­dren want to try to become a pop star?
She’s rou­tined enough to come up with an edu­ca­tion­al strat­e­gy imme­di­ate­ly:
(“Well, if my chil­dren want to par­tic­i­pate in that show one day, they do not only get a “No”, they also get a clip round the ear right away.”)