The warm bed

Cou­ples often have their own rules. My ex-girl­friend had a look that told me to shut up imme­di­ate­ly. When we we’re on a par­ty and she start­ed rub­bing her arm it meant she want­ed to leave. If she was talk­ing to some­one and start­ed tou­sling her hair it ment: “Get me out of this con­ver­sa­tion!” And there are some oth­er ges­tures I not going to reveal here.
So some­times this sort of cou­ple­hood is fun­ny. And there are times I miss that. If you watch oth­er cou­ples it’s dif­fer­ent. Some­times you shouldn’t care what they do. Some­times you should. But it’s not easy when to ignore things done by a cou­ple. I only think this case is crys­tal clear:
So there’s some­thing new with this tweet. So far we only dealt with tweets telling things that just hap­pened. This is a tmi tweet also with infor­ma­tion that deals with some­thing yet to come…

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