The warm surprise

Having a baby is one of the stran­gest things that can hap­pen to you. From one moment to the other you’re sup­po­sed to be a baby spe­cia­list when you turn into a father or a mother. And imme­dia­te­ly your sur­roun­ded by baby spe­cia­lists that cri­ti­ci­ze you or try to give use­ful hints to tre­at your baby right.

If that’s not the case for a second the­re are still your own par­ents that can tell you that they don’t see their grand­child often enough.
Despi­te the­se influ­en­ces of peop­le who think they know the sci­ence of babya­lism you’re still respon­si­ble to find out how your own baby works.

Tony Jones has a baby. Actual­ly his child is alre­ady 4 years old. Still he’s try­ing to find methods to calm his child down, whene­ver it goes wild. And as he final­ly got one working method he says:


Somehow this is a spe­cial TMIt­weet. This tweet defi­ni­te­ly offers a TMI messa­ge, but can you loca­te it? It seems to be in one’s own head. What a stran­ge thing. As if that kind of action hap­pens all the time. Find out if the­re are peop­le that don’t get the messa­ge!

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