The warm welcome

When I watched a James Bond movie from the 70s late­ly I was very sur­prised how often women were punched by James. After that they showed a Bond doc­u­men­ta­tion where a for­mer Bond girl was as sur­prised as me see­ing that punch­es.
To me that change in male behav­iour towards women in the last 30 years has been going on quite silent­ly. So that nowa­days it’s cristal clear you’re not hav­ing a chance with a woman with class in show­ing any kind of agres­sion towards her.
Still it seems to be a mal fan­ta­sy to be that ani­mal like when it comes to their needs. Lev­endis tells us:
What a sound bite for a James Bond movie. After hav­ing punch­ing, jok­ing, depressed and over­styled James Bonds, how about James Bond stand­ing for true male fan­tasies?
Just imag­ine: 25 min­utes after this film has start­ed, after the evil guy and his plans are intro­duced, after Bond smash­es his first vehi­cle, when he meets his first cau­tious, half-evil Bond girl, let him say: “How about a warm hand for my penis?”
The girl would look spa­cy as always with that play­ful smile on her face, wouldn’t she?
I just saw a video with Sean Con­nery telling you when slap­ping a woman is okay:

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