The lord and the ring

So, final­ly this year comes to an end and this is our last entry this year. And to present some­thing spe­cial we’ve got two pre­mieres today. Today’s tweet is not a tweet but a dent and it’s from a frech­man. You will find out the sig­nif­i­cance of the lat­ter soon. We took a dent, that is an entry from, because TMI do come up there nowa­days as well. So for us the con­tent is impor­tant, not the name of the entry.
It’s not a too easy task for guys to plea­sure girls. As a cool guy you’re sup­posed to know. It’s enough for girls to smile and wait. Guys get the pres­sure. With­in a guest arti­cle I was think­ing about those poor ger­mans that are not well known to be good lovers. This is dif­fer­ent with their french com­bat­ants.
A french lover seems to be a guy that knows how to treat girls right, when to talk and when to kiss. Kaysha is one of that kind, a guy that can make girls moan. See his open shirt, his body and the cross upon his chest. Body and soul seem to act in har­mo­ny.
But, uh, some­times things slip away from his atten­tion…
So wel­come to the world of french lovers. A world that starts with the ques­tion: “What things do I miss today and could it be I acci­den­tial­ly left them in a girl’s vagi­na? And whose vagi­na?”
But it shouldn’t be much of a prob­lem for a french lover to get things right. A phone call will do. “Hi! Do you remem­ber me from last night? I’m miss­ing my keys. Did you find some­thing in your vagi­na this morn­ing, that was not sup­posed to be there?”

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