The coco scent

It’s christ­mas time. It’s time to get some presents for the beloved. Most guys are known for not being too smart in chos­ing the right present. So they bet­ter lis­ten to their girls because if girls know their guys they drop their wish­es in what they say from time to time. Oth­er­wise they have to think about it them­selves and risk to chose exact­ly the wrong item.
clear­ly has sniffed on the wrong item:
Is it just the metaphor drinkbour­bon wants to point out or the rich­ness of scents he has smelled so far?
I’m not jeal­ous of him hav­ing these smell expe­ri­ences if it’s that what he’s talk­ing about. A young hooker’s men­stru­al flow must be more attrac­tive to him in that case, although that kind of sub­stances ain’t some­thing that is kept in your body for years.
Any­way, I still haven’t improved in telling you how to get the best present. Chos­ing the right present just doesn’t seem to be a guy’s thing.

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  1. I can’t tell whether the Tweet­er is con­demn­ing the smell of a retired hooker’s menses or rev­el­ing in it…On that note his tweet sounds like a Bukows­ki muse of sorts.
    Maybe he could have just said that it “smells like bour­bon”, but that would not have made it ambigu­ous, nor TMI 🙂

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