The fucking star

Some­times there are dis­cus­sions start­ing because of head­lines of dai­ly papers. Last week such a head­line in Ger­many dealt with the sex­u­al life of a star.
There must be some­thing about dis­cussing the fre­quen­cies of stars hav­ing sex. David Duchovny thinks he has to much and more peo­ple are inter­est­ed in that top­ic than in his tv show, where he’s play­ing a guy hav­ing too much sex. Where­as in the USA that top­ic is more an object of humour it was tak­en more seri­ous­ly in Lux­em­bourg:
In eng­lish: “Fuck! I read while get­ting rolls: Heino’s got more sex than me. Dirty old prick.”
Heino is a ger­man folk music star who turned 70 last sat­ur­day and told the press he’s hav­ing sex 3 times a week. So in this case it’s not just about being inter­est­ed in the sex­u­al habits of a star. It’s about com­par­ing your own sex­u­al life to that of a star. Papier­frau seems to be the los­er of that com­par­i­son, which means she’s hav­ing sex less than three times a week. I guess what you think right about now is: How much is okay?
Any­how to Papier­frau the sub­ject is not a nice one, either due to not hav­ing a sex­u­al life that’s worth mak­ing a head­line of or due to los­ing a com­par­i­son about hav­ing sex to a 70 year old folk music star.
It even gets worse as she catch­es a glimps of the head­lines on the next morn­ing:
In eng­lish: “The media still deal with Heino’s sex­u­al life. I don’t want to get informed about that, because if, I’ll start fig­ur­ing that scene *fear*”
What a curi­ous thing about the human brain. Although nei­ther Heino’s music nor the imag­i­na­tion of Heino hav­ing sex seem to be enjoy­able occur­rences to papier­frau it’s still inter­est­ing at first glace to think about the fre­quences of him hav­ing sex.
It doesn’t help her any­how and just keeps pil­ing TMIs.