The brownie

It’s one sto­ry bet­ween women and men that women always try to get their guys to sit on the toi­let. Stan­ding in front of it may be healt­hi­er for men but in most rela­ti­ons­hips it sim­ply means more work for women to clean ever­y­thing after­wards. Or they think it’s more hygie­nic wit­hin the bathroom as men sit down.
I think, my ladies, you won’t be able to edu­ca­te men that way. Just have a look at scot­ty­moon.


How robust men can be if the situa­ti­on affords it.

They do not let any­thing dis­turb their way of life as long as they know what’s to be done. And they don’t give up plans as new pre­con­di­ti­ons come up. Even if it is in form of a smel­ly, brown, flab­by sub­s­tan­ce qui­te near to them.

Somehow it would never ever occur to men in scotty’s situa­ti­on to clean the toi­let first befo­re doing what they we’re pla­ning to do as they enter the bathroom. Just think about how abstru­se that thought is: Men con­s­i­de­ring about clea­ning the toi­let first befo­re having a piss.

And is the­re still anyo­ne to think edu­ca­ti­on is the right thing to do here?

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