The python

In 1968 John Cleese, the well known mem­ber of Mon­ty Python, did a tv show called How to irri­tate peo­ple. There’s no need to say that he is a spe­cial­ist, when it comes to com­bin­ing the irri­ta­tion of peo­ple with humour.
In 2008 Mon­ty Python appeared in the inter­net per­son­al­ly for, well I don’t real­ly know what for. But they are there. And they irri­tate and amuse as if noth­ing had hap­pened in the last 40 years. How inter­est­ing to see there still so much room for them to act like that. John Cleese seems to be the most active one of them, hav­ing an own blog and an own twit­ter account.
And there he says things like this:

‘Ha!’ means you know some­thing. Some­thing of inter­est. Some­thing of impor­tance? Some­thing we need to know? Def­i­nite­ly some­thing he’s hid­ing from his fol­low­ers.
You see how easy it is to irri­tate peo­ple: Just hide some infor­ma­tion from some­one and show with­in a short utter­ance that there is some kind of infor­ma­tion he might be inter­est­ed in. That he could even­tu­al­ly be in need of. Even if he doesn’t have a tiny clue what that kind of infor­ma­tion that could be.
John keeps that infor­ma­tion for about 7 hours. And 7 hours in twit­ter are a life­time. You can dri­ve with your car from Lon­don to Paris in 7 hours.
Final­ly he comes back and…

enjoys keep­ing his secret.
You think I just made that up? Have a look:

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