The boy’s taste

I used to think for a long time that I was able to get into a good con­ver­sa­tion with peo­ple hav­ing the strangest opin­ions. And it took quite a while before I rec­og­nized that that was an over­es­ti­ma­tion of my capac­i­ties. There are peo­ple I’m too unwill­ing to get into con­ver­sa­tion with.
Mariel­laEl­la is not that kind of per­son. I’m sure talk­ing to her can be a walk in the park. But she is able to ask ques­tions where­of I don’t have a tiny clue how to answer them:
Well, aston­ish­ing­ly enough it’s the boys she fucks. I was told the taste depend­ed on what boys ate before. I nev­er thought on how to make it become deli­cious. This seems to be her top­ic. A top­ic girls talk about? For what? To expe­ri­ence boys depend­ing on their taste?
And also there are boys to cre­ate a “chai-esque” taste? AND it has a tin­gling after-effect? What else are these guys able to cre­ate? I’m com­fort­able in not being able to com­pete with those super­heroes or James Bonds but this seems to be way beyond my capac­i­ties, too!

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