The moment after

Heinz Erhardt, an old ger­man come­di­an (yes, the­re are some), did once a play that only con­sists of wor­ds with the let­ter “G” (“Gera­de Gewürz­gur­ken geges­sen.”). Well, ger­man humour nowa­days is still so seda­te, a play like that would never have star­ted this way:


In english: “Just fucked well. fboes shags excel­lent­ly. Sad­ly I didn’t come. But I got used to that. Gree­tings and kis­ses.”
The­se are 5 sen­ten­ces and what is unusual­ly in ger­man: Alt­hough they are very short they tell dif­fe­rent things.
So there’s Tif­fy and she has a sexu­al rela­ti­ons­hip to fboes, who is qui­te good in bed accord­ing to her. Good for her, good for him. This time she didn’t come. And she’s used to that. Used to what? That fboes doesn’t care about her in bed? That she’s not com­ing with him? That sex ends abrupt­ly so that both have to car­ry on tal­king about what hap­pend in twit­ter? Ouuuuhh.
fboes doesn’t seem to be much of a tal­ker. He’s not tal­king about Tif­fy or even to Tif­fy on twit­ter, alt­hough he’s her only con­tact on twit­ter (One day I’m going to find out what this only-having-one-person-to-follow-thing is all about).
But Tif­fy seems to be hap­py with the situa­ti­on. Good. I guess.

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