The arousement

I thought I had reached a boar­der during the last weeks. Do you remem­ber Mr bou­vierm? I thought that game thing was over. Do you remem­ber Ellen? I thought that sho­wing yours­elf thing was over.

I am so stu­pid.

The­re seems to be some­thing in the­se things I still haven’t got­ten into. There’s still the ten­si­on of com­bi­ning the­se things. Let’s have ano­t­her try to under­stand it.

This is Cel­tic­Frog. I don’t know what a cel­tic frog is, do you? Also I don’t wan­na pre­tend after having goog­led all that can be found, that this con­cept belongs to my know­ledge. It just doesn’t. And I don’t miss it. May­be she has a like for the cel­tic cul­tu­re. May­be she thinks she looks like a frog. May­be cel­tic frogs are spe­cial ani­mals taken from a star trek epi­so­de we all haven’t seen.

Any­way, Cel­tic­Frog obvious­ly has a fri­end. And she mis­ses him from time to time. And if you still got Mr. bou­vierm in your mind or Ms. Ellen, you could alre­ady guess what’s com­ing up:

At first glance I thought this was the see­min­gly new usa­ge of “to mas­tur­ba­te”, intro­du­ced by Goog­le:

But no, appar­ent­ly Cel­tic­Frog is plan­ning some kind of erotic game for the night, which does not fit into her boyfriend’s plans. Somehow.

No, I don’t want to go down that road tel­ling you that her guy is try­ing to avo­id to take part in her games.

He’ll defi­net­ly know she’s play­ing that kind of games in the inter­net as well.

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  1. I would like to request that you remo­ve my pic­tu­re from your site. I did not aut­ho­ri­ze its use. If you want to keep your com­men­ta­ry up, that’s fine as I won’t deba­te your oppor­tu­ni­ty to show how boring your own life is, but you are not aut­ho­ri­zed to use my pic­tu­re. Thanks.

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