The brave

Today Mike Ray gives us a spe­cif­ic look into the male world of com­plaints:

So, fre­quent­ly Mike gets shots into his ass. It does not seem to be that much of impor­tance who’s shoot­ing at him or what it is, that is shot into his ass. For him the expe­ri­ence of being shot into his ass is the thing he wants to share via twit­ter.
As you can read he’s being shot into his ass more than once, but seem­ing­ly the last time was quite a while ago. In the mean­time he almost for­got that kind of suf­fer­ing. What he did not for­get in that time was the suf­fer­ing from being kicked into his balls. Maybe that hap­pened more often. This expe­ri­ence is so present in his mind that he thinks he can com­pare it to being shot into the ass quite eas­i­ly so that the read­er will under­stand him.
What whithin both expe­ri­ences real­ly dis­turbs him is not the pain, but the “extreme dis­com­fort”. So as it is not the phys­i­cal pain that dis­turbs you after being kicked into your balls, it has to be a psy­chic one. It could be a feel­ing of weak­ness. The feel­ing to be knocked out. The feel­ing not being ready to fight back imme­di­ate­ly. The feel­ing of not being a man.
Appar­ent­ly the bold­ness of get­ting shot in the ass or being kicked into your balls is the last resort of man­hood nowa­days. At least for Mike. Women some­how don’t do that or can’t do that. But the res­i­dence in that resort lasts only sec­onds and quite quick­ly men are expelled out of par­adise. What a sad sto­ry.
Hope­ful­ly you have a few oth­er hob­bies, Mike.

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  1. A shot” in the but­tocks against the flu or some oth­er vac­ci­na­tion is not a pleas­ant expe­ri­ence, con­sid­er­ing if the nurse mess­es up with the injec­tion, you’re remind­ed of the spot every time you sit down.
    This ini­tia­tive here was once a good idea — now it’s just lame and just shows your lack of under­stand­ing of the eng­lish lan­guage.
    “Hope­ful­ly you have a few oth­er hob­bies,” Carsten.

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