The lady’s juice

This week’s tweet is in a way real­ly a clas­si­cal one. Twit­ter used to start with the moti­vat­ing ques­tion “What are you doing?”. After a while the users changed their habit in answer­ing this ques­tion into answer­ing the ques­tion “What are you think­ing?”. Well that ques­tion isn’t far away from the for­mer. Before you start doing some­thing you usu­al­ly think.
The ques­tion that comes next to be answered seems to be: “What is going on with your body at this very moment?”. A woman called Ellen tells us in answer to that ques­tion:

This is in eng­lish some­thing like “My fin­gers smell of the juice of my pussy: Sweet, sourly, spicy, deli­cous.” And it seems to be in a way part of a move­ment in ger­many . On top of their nation­al book list is a book with almost the same top­ic and also this kind of juice seems to be a new form of present in ger­many.
The resent­ments of the com­mon twit­ter read­ers con­cern­ing these kind of tweets are some­thing like: We’re not inter­est­ed in these flu­ids or what any­one does with them. We don’t expect any­one on twit­ter to tell us some­thing about their illus­trat­ed thoughts about them.
The spe­cial thing about Ellen in com­par­i­son to oth­ers writ­ing about sex­u­al acts is that she does not try to sell sex through twit­ter. She might want to pro­voke oth­ers and find sat­is­fac­tion in doing so. Well, we don’t feel pro­voked. We actu­al­ly do think she touch­es a bor­der between pri­va­cy and pub­lic­i­ty. And she does it that way that there’s noth­ing sex­u­al left we want to find out about her.
That’s not bad in tac­tics.

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