The clever doggie

If peo­ple on twit­ter don’t talk about them­selves or their prob­lems, they talk about news, tv, films, oth­er peo­ple or ani­mals. If they talk about ani­mals, quite often they talk about their pets. And if they talk about pets then they talk about things they did wrong. You can hard­ly ever read a descrip­tion of a real­ly right­ful done action of a pet. Or maybe that’s just my per­cep­tion. It just seems not to be too inter­est­ing to talk about that.
If twit­ter users do not talk about their pets, but about ani­mals, it’s about ani­mals in their envi­ron­ment not belong­ing to them. Brittt is one of them. It does not slip her atten­tion what and how ani­mals act that are near to her. So she writes:

The first thing I thought is some­thing, I sup­pose none of you thought. I thought: What a clever dog­gie. He comes into the room, rec­og­nizes that the win­dow is open, jumps upon the win­dowsill and does his busi­ness out­side for not soil­ing the room. Good boy!
Too sad a sec­ond lat­er I thought that wasn’t Brittt’s sto­ry. She in a way want­ed to tell that a dog was shit­ting out­side her house and that she could watch him doing his busi­ness. And the open win­dow seems to be a link to me that she even smelled that hap­pen­ing through her open win­dow.
I don’t wan­na care. I think my sto­ry is much more com­pelling.

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