01.12. Best books of 2016 – part one

28.11. The New Yor­ker Radio Hour: Epi­so­de 58: Bruce Springste­en Talks with David Rem­nick

21.11. The US elec­tions (and their after­math), cove­r­ed as we do Afri­can elec­tions | moha­med el dahs­han. eco­no­mist, wri­ter, speaker, com­pul­si­ve tra­vel­ler.

19.11. Ivan­ka Trump’s Pre­sence at Mee­ting With Japan’s Lea­der Rai­ses Ques­ti­ons “The poten­ti­al for con­flicts of inte­rest bet­ween President-elect Donald J. Trump and his family’s busi­ness ven­tures emer­ged again Thurs­day evening, when a pho­to­graph was dis­tri­bu­t­ed that show­ed his daugh­ter Ivan­ka at a mee­ting bet­ween Mr. Trump and the prime minis­ter of Japan.”

14.11. Fare­well, Ame­ri­ca — BillMoyers.com “Ame­ri­ca died on Nov. 8, 2016, not with a bang or a whim­per, but at its own hand via elec­to­ral sui­ci­de. We the peop­le cho­se a man who has shred­ded our values, our morals, our com­pas­si­on, our tole­ran­ce, our dec­en­cy, our sen­se of com­mon pur­po­se, our very iden­ti­ty — all the things that, howe­ver tenuous­ly, made a nati­on out of a country.”

13.11. Auto­cra­cy: Rules for Sur­vi­val | by Masha Ges­sen “I have lived in auto­cra­ci­es most of my life, and have spent much of my care­er wri­ting about Vla­di­mir Putin’s Rus­sia. I have lear­ned a few rules for sur­vi­ving in an auto­cra­cy and sal­va­ging your sani­ty and self-respect. It might be worth con­s­i­de­ring them now”

13.11. If you voted for Trump becau­se he’s ‘anti-establishment,’ guess what: You got con­ned NEIN! DOCHOH!

13.11. Micha­el Moo­re: Trump won’t finish his first term | The­Hill

13.11. Trump Tra­cker “On Tues­day Novem­ber 8th, 2016, Donald John Trump won the elec­to­ral vote and is cur­r­ent­ly stan­ding to be the President-elect of the United Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca. He made a lot of pro­mi­ses. Trump Tra­cker will fact-check and see if he adhe­res to all of his stands on poli­ci­es regar­ding cul­tu­re, immi­gra­ti­on, eco­no­my, and many more.”

10.11. Day 1 in Trumps Ame­ri­ca

10.11. Elec­ting Trump: the moment Ame­ri­ca laid was­te to demo­cra­cy as we know it | US news | The Guar­di­an “His rejec­tion of politics-as-usual has embol­den­ed tho­se who respon­ded to the more extre­me ele­ments of his messa­ge. Whe­re we go from here is anyone’s guess”

09.11. White rage against the machi­ne: President-elect Donald Trump is a his­to­ri­cal shock — unless you stu­dy Ame­ri­can histo­ry “Trump may not be the pre­si­dent the Ame­ri­can peop­le need but he most cer­tain­ly is the one they deserve.”

09.11. Queen Offers to Res­to­re Bri­tish Rule Over United Sta­tes

09.11. The media didn’t want to belie­ve Trump could win. So they loo­ked the other way.

06.11. To deal with cli­ma­te chan­ge we need a new finan­ci­al sys­tem

04.11. The Lost Child­ren of ‘Runa­way Train’

03.11. Mela­nia Trump Decries Cyber­bul­ly­ing in Cam­pai­gn Speech: ‘Our Cul­tu­re Has Got­ten Too Mean’ Da hat sie ja den rich­ti­gen Geheiratet.

31.10. Why UK Brex­it talk baff­les Ger­ma­ny — BBC News “Last year David Came­ron tried to per­sua­de Ger­man Chan­cellor Ange­la Mer­kel to let the UK have a spe­cial deal to opt out of free move­ment of peop­le, while stay­ing in the sin­gle mar­ket. She said no. And she meant, well, no. Not “no-but-ok-if-you-push-hard-enough-maybe-yes”. Just no. When she said it again befo­re the refe­ren­dum vote, she meant no. And last week to The­re­sa May in Brussels, again, the ans­wer no. She doesn’t qui­te know how to make it any clea­rer. But in the UK poli­ti­ci­ans and jour­na­lists are still asking the ques­ti­on: what does Mer­kel real­ly think? ”

30.10. The Final Days of Trump’s Unpre­ce­den­ted Cam­pai­gn Gabri­el Sher­man: “Trump’s advi­sers are working hard to plan their own futures while riding out the roller-coaster end of the campaign.”

19.10. Cli­ma­te chan­ge means no air­port expan­si­on – at Heathrow or any­whe­re | Geor­ge Mon­bi­ot