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  • Pro­sti­tu­ti­on: „Ich öff­ne Men­schen Türen zu ihrer Sexua­li­tät“ — Sonn­tag — Welt — Tages­spie­gel
  • Bill Mur­ray here: OK, I’ll TALK! I’ll TALK! — If you could go back in time and have a con­ver­sa­ti­on with one per­son, who would it be and why?

    Bill Mur­ray:

    That’s a grand ques­ti­on, gol­ly.

    I kind of like sci­en­tists, in a fun­ny way. Albert Ein­stein was a pret­ty cool guy. The thing about Ein­stein was that he was a theo­reti­cal phy­si­cist, so they were all theo­ries. He was just a smart guy. I’m kind of inte­rested in gene­tics though. I think I would have lik­ed to have met Gre­gor Men­del.

    Becau­se he was a monk who just sort of figu­red this stuff out on his own. That’s a hig­her mind, that’s a mind that’s con­nec­ted. They have a visi­on, and they just sort of see it becau­se they are so con­nec­ted intel­lec­tual­ly and mecha­ni­cal­ly and spi­ri­tual­ly, they can access a hig­her mind. Men­del was a guy so long ago that I don’t necessa­ri­ly know very much about him, but I know that Ein­stein did his work in the moun­ta­ins in Switz­er­land. I think the alti­tu­de had an effect on the way they spo­ke and thought.

    But I would like to know about Men­del, becau­se i remem­ber going to the Phil­ip­pi­nes and thin­king “this is like Mendel’s gar­den” becau­se it had been inva­ded by so many dif­fe­rent coun­tries over the years, and you could see the child­ren sha­red the gene­tic traits of all their inva­ders over the years, and it made for this beau­ti­ful varie­tal gar­den.